This & That Fridays


Ok….I know it’s Saturday morning and I’m just posting this but ugh I did not have a good week at all!  It was just one of those weeks that no matter what I did, nothing went right.  I was also extremely busy at work and every time I got 3 things done, another 5 requests come in. Plus I found people really SNARKY this week.  So, I’m just really glad its over and I’m hoping next week will be better!

I bought these Marc Fisher boots @ Winners this week and I’m trying to decide if I like them.  They go against everything I’ve ever bought in the past – chunky sole, low heel, mid-calf.  I could see myself wearing them with leggings and jeans but I’m not sure anything else so I’m not sure they are worth keeping. They seem pretty comfortable though. #decisionsdecisions

I liked this PopSugar article that gives some good tips about using your Beauty Blender properly.  Confession: I bought my first real Beauty Blender earlier this year and it’s still going strong.  Until it rips or tears I have no plans on replacing it.  So far I’m definitely finding it worth the investment!

I think one of the best things ever is when a good restaurant opens close to your home.  There’s a Cactus Club Cafe opening within a 10 minute drive of my house and I cannot wait for them to open.  They make a fantastic Bellini and Short Rib Sandwich.  Also don’t get me started on their Peanut Butter Crunch Bar for dessert.  So good!

This feels like kind of a weird thing to share on here but I have to do it because it’s pretty much one of the best kitchen tools ever!  I cooked a turkey last week for Thanksgiving and I used this Silicone Poultry Lacer to tie up my turkey.  I’m not sure I can go back to making a turkey without one of these things!  So much easier than using string or pins and once the turkey is cooked, you just pop it in the dishwasher to clean and it’s ready to use next time.  I got mine last year @ Homesense for five or six bucks I believe but I would pay full price for it!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “This & That Fridays”

  1. I keep looking at boots at Winners / Marshalls but I haven’t seen any I want yet. The ones you got look really versatile!
    Those are great tips about the Beauty Blender (or BB type) sponge! I cringe when I see people’s dirty sponges… wash that thing EVERY TIME please people! That’s why you need more than one of those, to rotate. Plus, no harm if the sponge isn’t completely dry by next use because um, you’re supposed to use it wet anyway! And yeah the whole microwaving the sponge thing – I never bought into that. Rant over…
    So weird, a Cactus Club Cafe just opened downtown Toronto too… those chicks that work there look um… very “friendly” 😉


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