This & That Fridays – October 23


picmonkey_image-33It’s finally Friday.  Thank goodness.  I feel like this was the longest week ever and it was just so busy.  I was supposed to put 3 posts up this week but I only got to 2 but I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because it’s better than last weeks 1!  #smallwins

So, I’m going to start off this post with food.  Specifically ice cream.  I had this Presidents Choice Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream last weekend and I was in heaven.    If you’re not totally sick of pumpkin flavoured things yet, I recommend you immediately make your way to a Superstore or Loblaws or whatever and get some.  Quite possibly the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten.   It has graham cracker pieces in it people!

The minute this poodle sweater from RW & Co. goes on sale (and it will go on sale!), it will be mine!  I picture it going great with these distressed jeans I picked up there last weekend.

Have you heard of Benefit’s Brow Genie?  You upload a photo and it custom maps your eyebrows to show you the best shape for your face.  Cool idea, but I have no idea if it actually works.  Might have to give it a try this weekend because brows are not my area of expertise by any means.

I wanted to try Milani’s Baked Brush in Luminoso but the only place that I know of that sells it here (Superstore) was sold out.  I ended up with Bella Rosa and holy cow is this a pigmented blush!  Like all’s I need do is tap the tip of a fluffy brush in it every so slightly and I can do one whole cheek with it, sometimes both!  This is a really intense berry pink and I own nothing like it so I’m kind of glad Luminoso was sold out now!  Delizioso Pink and and Dolce Pink are my list to try next.

I’m hoping to catch up on some Halloween programming this weekend; here’s a list of what ABC has on tap.  Frankenweenie and Sleepy Hallow are my favorites.  What are yours?

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!


9 Replies to “This & That Fridays – October 23”

  1. I haven’t been to RW&Co. in months! Totally forgot it existed, looks like they have some great things on their website right now! And Pumpkin Pie ice cream?!? Need to run down the ice cream section at Superstore ASAP! Also need to try out this Brow Genie business :3

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  2. The brow genie sounds so interesting- I will have to try that out! As far as Milani blushes..I own them all (as far as I know) Luminoso and Bella Rosa are my top two!

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  3. I haven’t been into RW in ages. Yes, everything goes on sale there – you just gotta wait. It’s not like Zara or H&M where if you see something, just grab it, because likely it won’t be there next time!
    *Hey I just clicked through and that top is on sale for 50% off on the web!
    Oh yeah Milani baked blushes are KILLER. I have Bella Rosa and I use MAC 137 brush for it – it’s a VERY loosely packed brush. Oh but you still gotta get Luminoso… it’s a MUST. I own ahem 150+ ahem blushes and I’m telling you, Luminoso is in my TOP FIVE! :DAnother one I’d recommend is Berry Amore – it’s a perfect pink with a bit of bronze to it. Really lovely for Autumn looks.

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    1. Oh sweet, I need to go check out that sale, thanks! Also, omg 150 blushes?!?? Wowsers that’s impressive. I struggle trying to decide which one to wear in any given day with the handful I own, I’d never leave the house if I had access to your collection! Haha. But if its in your top 5 you’ve convinced me I need it. 🙂


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