Top 15 of 2015 – Non-Beauty!

Best products of 2015

Today I’m sharing my Non-Beauty Top 15 of 2015!  Unlike my beauty favourites, this one was a little harder to compile.  I tend to use my beauty products on a daily basis but some of the things on this list – like the tv show I mention below for instance, wasn’t something that came to mind automatically.  Anyway, my list is below – let me know if you enjoyed any of these in 2015 as well!:

  1. Gap Cozy Plaid Scarf (not pictured): I put one of these in my Fall favourites post, as well as my Gift Guide for her because these scarves are just the best.  I’ve had people mistake mine for cashmere because its just so soft.  I can’t stop raving about these, I wish I had purchased a few more prior to Christmas when they were on sale.
  2. Gapfit gFast Leggings: I scored these for 50% off at Gap’s Black Friday sale and I’m so impressed with them. I love that they have a thin drawstring on the inside so that you can tighten them if need be and they are the perfect rise – not too high and not too low.
  3. Splendid Cities Adult Colouring Book: When I first got this colouring book I used it all the time.  Then Christmas came and I kind of forgot about it.  Now that all the craziness is over I’m starting to use it again; I like to use it before I go to sleep as it helps me relax.
  4. DL1961 Denim:  I acquired my first pair of these jeans @ Winners last Spring and I fell in love with them immediately.  Perfect fit, super comfortable and the best thing – they don’t lose their shape (like, at all). In the Fall I got a really great deal from Macy’s on my second pair, this time in the Angel fit and I love them just as much (maybe a little bit more!).  Highly recommend these if you’re looking for premium denim that is actually worth it’s premium price tag.
  5. Lucky Brand Giorgia Lace-Up Ankle Boots: I have weirdo feet (high arches, wide at the front, narrow at the back) so it’s hard for me to find footwear that actually fits and doesn’t kill my feet.  These have worked out so well for me and I wear them with almost everything because they’re such a versatile, basic style.  Bonus – they’re on sale right now!
  6.  The Sac Cambria Crochet Large Tote:  Sometimes (okay, pretty much all the time) you can find the most amazing things at Costco – and this was one of those things.  I paid $30 for this bag last summer and it took about 5 minutes for me to fall in love with it and for it to become my go-to summer purse.  It’s super lightweight, durable and roomy.  And it’s cute!  Plus it works really well as a carry-on bag too.  These retail for double the price so if Costco gets them in again this year I’d highly recommend getting your hands on one.  Honestly though, I’d pay the full price for another one of these when mine needs replacing because I just love it so much!
  7. Express Portofino Shirt: I adore these because they’re so easy to wear.  They look great paired with dress pants or a skirt for work and are just as fab when worn with jeans.  Plus they come in almost every colour and fun print imaginable .  I own 5 of them so you could say I’m a little obsessed.
  8. Reef Flipflops: I’ve been wearing Reef flip flops for years and they are the only ones I will buy.  A little pricey but they offer way more support than the cheaper kind and they have really cute styles.  And they last forever!  I’m on my second pair of Twisted Stars but my first pair lasted me 2 years (and I’m really hard on shoes!)
  9. Monogrammed Mug (Sold out – alternative): My parents got me and D these for Christmas and we’ve grown very fond of them.  I’ve been using this a lot over the last few weeks, filing it up with tea and soup and I’m very impressed with how much it can hold.  These make for a great gift for anyone, at any time of year!
  10. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Easily one of the best shows I’ve watched all year.  It’s light-hearted, hilarious and just so enjoyable to watch.  I’m eagerly awaiting Season 2!
  11. Ed Sheeran: I was lucky enough to see Ed in concert earlier this year and it solidified my admiration of his talent.  He had no band behind him, it was just him up on the stage, playing his guitar.  Unfortunately the venue he was performing in wasn’t the best for acoustics but he still blew me away.  If you don’t have his album X, stop what you’re doing and get it now.  You won’t regret it.
  12. Quitter: Closing the Gap between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job: My friend gifted me this book back in October and I just finished reading it over the holidays.  If you are struggling with figuring out what you want to be when you grow up AND what the path from your day job to your dream job should be, I’d highly recommend you read this.  I’ve taken so much from this book and I’m going to start applying what I learned on a daily basis in 2016.
  13. Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Hot Chocolate: My new favourite Starbucks drink!  I can’t drink coffee or tea lattes (they make me shaky) and there’s not many teas that I actually like, so I’m really glad I discovered this.  I get mine 1/2 fat and 1/2 sweet with no whip and it’s deeeelicious!
  14. Open Table: This is one of the most-used apps on my phone!  It’s an online restaurant reservation service that allots you points for reservations you make and honour, and it includes reviews from diners as well.  I use this regularly at home, as well as when we travel.  I used it so much last year that I’m close to receiving a $130 Dining Cheque!  Pretty good deal for just making some reservations I would have made anyway.
  15. PicMonkey: I discovered this photo editing tool a few months into my blog and I’ve been using it ever since.  It’s also great for making photo collages and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Thanks for reading!


3 Replies to “Top 15 of 2015 – Non-Beauty!”

  1. I just recently purchased a plaid scarf and i’m in love with it! I usually go for just solid colors for scarves..boring haha but i’m really loving the plaid!
    I want an adult coloring book soooo bad- it does seem so relaxing, and I agree it would be perfect for winding down at night.
    Those denim jeans sounds great! I hate when mine stretch out..especially at the knees..such a pet peeve!
    OMG reef flip flops..I almost forgot about those..I just had to throw mine out about 6 months ago and I had them for years! They really do last forever. In high school (graduated 10 years ago already..ahhhh) everyone had the Rainbow brand..I think I was the only one that had Reefs..I just found them so much more comfortable- I love them and they are totally worth the money.
    I’m about halfway through the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- I agree thats it’s really funny- I love her roommate Titus..he’s the best!

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