Clothing & Accessories Haul!

Clothing & Accessories Haul

As mentioned in my Makeup Haul, I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and I did some shopping (as always).  Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love shopping…for almost anything, but particularly makeup and clothing/accessories.  So I thought it might be fun to share some of other the deals I scored, even despite the low Canadian dollar!  I’ve also added in a few things I got here in Canada too.

When in Vegas, I always make a point of visiting the North Premium Outlet Malls and the Fashion Show Mall.  The Outlet Malls are about a $20/$25 cab ride (one way) off the Las Vegas strip and offer 175 outlets and stores.  I’ve been to a few outlet malls but this is one of the best I’ve been to, especially given that they’ve recently expanded.  My favourite shops here include Loft Outlet, Kate Spade and Saks on 5th.

The Fashion Show Mall is at the end of the north end of the Las Vegas strip and offers 250 stores and 8 department stores.  It’s a traditional, indoor mall (yay air conditioning!) and some of my favourite stops include Macy’s, Ann Taylor, The Limited and Lucky Brand.

First up, here’s what I got at the Outlets:

Guess Hatti Denim Shorts

Guess Factory Hatti Denim Shorts (Dark Wash) – $22.50 USD: When shopping in the US I tend to stay away from any stores that are also available in Canada, however on this trip I didn’t pack enough shorts and I needed another pair.  After wandering through the entire outlet mall and not finding anything, I stopped in the Guess Factory store as a last resort.  I can’t remember the last time I shopped in here – I think that once I entered my 30’s it just seemed a little too young for me.    However I was pleasantly surprised with these shorts.  They fit so well, are the perfect length and are super comfy!  I actually visited my local store here afterwards and picked up a pair in Black (and actualy paid less in Canadian than I did in US dollars – damn it!)

Guess Elin Twill Shorts

Guess Factory Elin Twill Shorts (Dry Moss) – $22.49 USD: I didn’t expect to find one pair of shorts, never mind two here so that was a bonus.  These have a little more length on them when compared to the denim ones above and I like the stretchy fabric.  They have stretched out a bit so I could have easily gone down a size.  I wanted to pick up another pair but my local store only had the white left which were a bit too see-through for my liking.

Loft Outlet Tank Tops

Loft Outlet Tanks (not available online) – $8.10 USD each:  Not much to say here – basic tanks in basic colours but staples in my wardrobe.  I always pick up at least a couple tanks or tees at the Loft Outlet because they’re cheap but pretty good quality.

Loft Outlet Floral Print Dress

Loft Outlet Floral Print Dress (not available online) – $29.99 USD: I literally needed another dress like I needed a hole in the head but this was such a flattering cut I couldn’t pass it up.  Plus the floral print was so pretty and feminine.

Kate Spade Pave Bow Ring

Kate Spade Pave Bow Ring (not available online) – $13.80 USD: I’ve been wanting a bow ring for the longest time and I went into the store hoping to find exactly this.  This came in gold and silver too but I ultimately decided on the rose gold.  This is my favourite purchase!

And from the Fashion Show Mall:

Ann Taylor Relaxed Linen V-Neck Top

Ann Taylor Relaxed Linen V-Neck Top (Navy Blue) – $10 USD: I rarely buy loose fitting tops like this – I always feel like they make me look bigger.  And if I had been shopping online, I wouldn’t have even looked twice at this given some of the styling on the models.  But I tried this on and it was so comfortable I couldn’t pass it up.  I love the look of linen (one of my fave fabrics for t-shirts) and this looks great with jeans or leggings, but will likely be worn more around the house than anything.

Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Ankle Jeans

Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Ankle Jeans (Quiet Grey) – $20 USD:  I have legs that are too short for regular length pants yet too long for petites so I really struggle finding jeans and pants that fit.  And I hate taking things to the tailor!  So I’m praying that skinny ankle jeans never go out of style.  These are the perfect length, fit well and I couldn’t pass up the “Quiet Grey” colour.

Miken Draped Tank Coverup

Miken Draped Tank Coverup – $12.87 USD:  I never shy away from colour, especially anything that’s swimwear related! This is a very vibrant neon pink – the colour isn’t coming across in the photo as much as it does it person.  The material is pretty thin but it’s also really soft and it looks super cute on!  Even if this only lasts me a few wears I can’t really complain given the price.

Chinese Laundry Gweneth Metallic Flat Sandal

Chinese Laundry Gweneth Metallic Flat Sandal (Gold) – $39.99 USD: These were a last minute purchase – we were going out for the night and my feet just couldn’t take another night in the heels I had brought with me.  I wanted flats but they needed to have sparkle or some kind of embellishment to fancy them up a bit.  These were cute and comfortable and did the job – not sure I would pay full price for them though.

And a few things I picked up here at home:

Lucky Brand Tie Dye Twist Strap Dress

Lucky Brand Tie Dye Twist Strap Dress (not available online) – $50.09 CAD: I actually purchased this dress a few months ago but I’ve been wearing it non-stop every since.  This is my go-to style for dresses in the summer – I love the soft, stretchy cotton and the drawstring waist.  It’s super flattering and comfortable.  While this isn’t available online, I saw it in-store at the outlet in Las Vegas, as well as in my local Lucky Brand Outlet.  Pick it up while it’s still around!

Sam Edelman EspadrillesSam Edelman Espadrilles – $52.50 CAD: I can’t decide if I should keep these or not – I really wanted them in black but they were sold out.  I like the pattern but when it comes to everyday shoes I usually prefer solids as they’re easier to match with outfits.  Plus they’re slightly wide for my feet.  Still deciding!

Are you a shopaholic like me?  Where are your favourite places to shop?

14 Replies to “Clothing & Accessories Haul!”

    1. Have you been since they’ve expanded? They’ve added quite a few new stores – although many of them are really high-end. Plus they have a Cheesecake Factory there now so you can stop and take a much needed break in between stores to re-fuel. 😉

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      1. I was there last May! Can’t remember if they were expanded at that point or not, though.
        lol it’s so bad, I think we’ve gone to a Cheesecake Factory almost every time we’re in the US…the portions of one entree can feed a family of 4.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lol I know, it’s like here’s your large basket of bread, your colossal plate of chicken/pasta/whatever and do you want an extra large slice of 2000 calorie cheesecake for dessert? Gotta wear your stretchy pants for sure! Hehe!

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  1. I used to be ALL about the Guess brand too, and I feel like I grew out of it. I haven’t shopped there in ages! You scored awesome deal there! I love the dress you scored at LOFT too. I’ve never been to their outlet store – I doubt I’d leave there empty handed either.
    I’ve never been to a Lucky Brand store although there’s one in the mall – that dress is so cute and looks super comfy!
    And your favourite purchase is my favourite of yours too – the Kate Spade ring! I’ve not bought any of her bow rings, although I do own a few bow rings, just non-branded ones. They’re so girly and classic at the same time!
    Great haul. I’m a shopaholic too as you know. But, like you, I like DEALS. Last weekend I picked up another top from LOFT. Just a plain black button up short sleeve one:
    But in my defense it was 40% off so I got it for $30. 😛
    Still need to convince the SO to go to Vegas!

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    1. Oh cute top! I wish Loft and Ann Taylor would expand out here. My credit card would hate me but what else is new.

      Yes – DEALS! It honestly kills me to buy things at full price. To be honest, aside from makeup there really isn’t much I pay full full price for.


  2. Great picks! I want to go to Vegas so bad, but with the dollar being what it is, we’re going on a road trip from Ontario to British Columbia this summer instead… however, I am going to Minneapolis in a few weeks for a concert so I just know crummy dollar or not, I’ll be doing some shopping. At least usually the deals are so great at places like outlet malls that it just balances itself out.

    I absolutely love that Lucky Brand dress… I’ll have to make sure I stop there when I’m in Minneapolis! I found lots there last summer when I went. I also really like those shorts! I’ll have to keep an eye out for those too as we don’t have a Guess Store (or really anywhere worth shopping, haha) in Thunder Bay.

    Hope you had a fantastic trip! 🙂

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    1. Oh nice – where in BC are you going? Basically everywhere is beautiful there, you’re going to love it!

      Have fun shopping in Minneapolis – is that where the Mall of America is? It’s my dream to visit that mall someday!


      1. The plan is to go to Vancouver for sure, but I’m sure there will be lots of other stops along the way! I haven’t been anywhere between Winnipeg and Vancouver so I’m really excited! We’re actually hopefully starting to plan out the trip this weekend… 🙂

        And yes, that is where the Mall of America is! It’s definitely a great mall so I hope you do get to check it out someday! It’s only (haha.. only…) 6 hours away from where I am in Thunder Bay so we usually go once or twice a year depending on how many concerts, etc we are planning on going to. It’s a beautiful city with lots of great food! 🙂

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