Behind the Scenes Tag!!

Behind the ScenesTag

I haven’t done a tag for a while and when the lovely Robyn from Lipstick on the Lake tagged me on the Behind the Scenes Tag, I knew I had to participate. ¬†If you don’t follow her, get on that asap – she does great Youtube makeup tutorials and her blog is a great resource if you’re a beauty junkie like moi! ūüėČ ¬†Note that I’ve modified some of the original¬†questions so that they pertain to me – I don’t do Youtube videos, I strictly blog!:

1) What camera do you use?

I use my iPhone6 to take my blog photos – but it’s been acting up lately so I’ve reverted back to my iPad, which takes great pics but is a huge PITA to use. ¬†I’ve got a point and click camera somewhere, I should probably pull it out. ¬†Or you know, invest in something better.

2) What editing system do you use?

I use a combination of Canva and PicMonkey – both are free and work really well.

3) Do you use artificial or natural lighting?

Natural lighting is my preference.

4) What is the top item on your posting wishlist?

I want to get my clothing haul up from Vegas; I’m struggling to take proper pictures of things though. ¬†I need a full length mirror so I can just take pics of me wearing the clothes rather than trying to take pictures of them on hangers.

5) What is your favourite day in the week to post?

Hmmm…probably Monday or Tuesday. ¬†I like to start my week off with a post when I can.

6) Do you plan your posts. If so, how?

I just picked up a planner that I plan (hehe) to use for this exact purpose. ¬†This is something I really need to improve on – I’m so bad at just flying by the seat of my pants. ¬†It’s so much less stressful to have my posts prepared in advance but it takes a while for me to get into a rhythm. ¬†I hope to have a schedule down by the end of this month and work really hard to stick to it!

7) How long does it take you to complete a post?

It kind of depends on the topic – probably at least¬†4-5 hours total between photography, writing and editing, sometimes longer if it requires lots of images or lots of detail. ¬†It’s a lot of work!

8) How many hours do you spend editing a post?  

See above.

9) Favourite types of posts to write?

Easily my This & That Fridays posts РI write about whatever I feel like.

10) Do you people at your school or work know about your channel?

Nope; my husband and parents are the only ones who know that I blog. ¬†I feel really uncomfortable having people I know read my blog – I’m not sure why. ¬†At some point I feel like I’m going to need to get over this fear, I don’t like that I’m keeping that something that I enjoy so much a secret from some of my close friends.

11) What is your process of thinking of a post idea?

I keep an ongoing list of post ideas in a journal and every week I look through it and pick out a couple to use.

12) Do you feel awkward filming in front of other people or in public?

I don’t do any videos – strictly blog posts. ¬†I post very limited photos of myself on Instagram as well. At this point I don’t see myself ever starting a Youtube channel – the public scruitiny scares the heck out of me – people can be so VICIOUS! ¬†I think I’ll be happy just sticking with my blog but I’ve also learned to never say never!

13) Do you and your Blogger friends plan out videos together?

Nope¬†but it’s definitely something I’ve considered and would love to do!

14) What is your subscriber goal by the end of the year?

I have a very lofty goal of obtaining 1000 subscribers by the end of 2016…I’m currently at 197 so I have a ways to go!

15) Who do you tag to do this tag next?

I’d like to tag whoever wants to participate! ūüôā

Thanks again to Lipstick on the Lake for tagging me! xoxo

This & That Fridays – April 29


Well we made it another week…and we made it through April! ¬†Sunday is May 1 which means…

Image Source

Hehehe…never gets old!

Emily Noel is one Youtuber that I make a point of watching regularly…and I love this video she posted Wednesday. ¬†Kalee is hilarious!

The last thing I need is another coat for spring/summer…but I’ve been seeing these utility cargo pocket jackets everywhere and I want one. ¬†Like this one from Joe Fresh¬†or this one from Ricki’s.

I fell behind on blogging this week because we had painters in our house and it was hell.  I spent hours vacuuming and dusting only to have everything look the exactly the same hours later.  It was a vicious cycle, exhausting and I never want to do that again.

I got some amazing deals at Costco last weekend. First up they had a 1.18L bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Peppermint Soap for $12.99! ¬†They also had¬†maxi skirts in a variety of colours for $14.99. I¬†just bought a basic black one and its so comfy (and stretchy!). ¬†And for $14.99 you can’t really go wrong! ¬†Costco can be a dangerous place sometimes.

We watched Southpaw last weekend and it was¬†so good! ¬†Jake Gyllenhall (had to look up how to spell that!) was amazing in it;¬†I know it’s been out for a while but we rarely watch movies in theatres. ¬†We also watched Trainwreck which was hilarious but pretty crude. ¬†Typical Amy Schumer though!

Did you see the teaser for the newest Too Faced Chocolate Chip palette? ¬†It’s nothing but a snapshot of the packaging but I’m sure it’ll be amazing like all Too Faced palettes are. ¬†With the white packaging I feel like it should be called the White Chocolate Bar palette or something though…

This rainbow grilled cheese sandwich is all the rage on Instagram and I’m not sure I really understand why. ¬†To me it just looks gross. I’ll pass.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pair of leggings? ¬†I’ve bought them from Costco but I find them way too thin, and I’ve tried a pair of Hue’s which I love because they’re so soft and comfy but they fade really easily. ¬†I’m heading to the mall today to see what I can find.

I saw a video on Instagram of someone contouring their feet….first up, no. ¬†Secondly, who has time for that? ¬†#toofar

I’ve decided to scale back my This & That Friday posts to once every two weeks instead of every Friday. I think it’s going to be more dynamic this way plus I have a backlog of posts that are just waiting to be written that can easily take its place every other Friday. ¬†ūüôā

Need to catch up on my posts? ¬†Here’s what I’ve published over the last two weeks:

Sephora Haul & First Impressions
What Should I Buy – Filling my Z-Palette
Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Have a great weekend!

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This & That Fridays – April 15


Have you seen the new Lite Brites collection by China Glaze? ¬†I came across Young Wild & Polished’s swatches on Instagram and wow,¬†they all look so beautiful! ¬†I need to see them in person but I think Bite Me and What I Like About Blue¬†are on my list.

The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out on Netflix so my weekend plans are set.  Hopefully Season 2 is as good as Season 1.

Two things I love for Spring here, lightweight sweaters and ombre.

This is too funny! ¬†And I can relate – out of all the sports out there, I find baseball the most painful to watch. ¬†It’s so slow and it drags on and on…I can’t get into it. ¬†Go Jays though!

I bought this sweater from Joe Fresh a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing it. ¬†It’s so comfy and easy to wear and looks great with leggings and jeans. ¬†The only drawback is that it needs to be hand-washed. ¬†But I love it so much I’ll sacrifice a bit of hand-washing. ¬†I bought it in pink but I think I’m going to pick up the green too.

Waffle iron pizza?  Yes please!

Did you hear that Hudson’s Bay is now carrying Teeez Cosmetics? ¬†I have one of their lipsticks that I received in my Luxe Box and I really like it. ¬†And their packaging is amazing! ¬†Excited to try more of their stuff.

Need to catch up on my posts? ¬†Here’s what¬†I published this week:

Have a great weekend!


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This & That Fridays – February 26


How is this the last Friday in February already? ¬†Unlike January, this month just flew by, probably because it didn’t feel like February at all. ¬†It was 16 degrees (celcius) here yesterday!

So update on Essie’s Starry Starry Night, I HATE the formula. ¬†It’s goopy and thick and painful to apply. ¬†And it chipped after 2 days of wear. ¬†Huge fail and disappointment.

I want these shoes in every colour.

I have a drugstore haul coming up and I’ve been trying out the products I purchased, including this Hard Candy¬†liquid eyeliner and WOW‚ĶI’m impressed. ¬†Has potential to be my new favourite.

Have you seen Tarte’s new Rainforest of the Sea cosmetics line? ¬†So many pretty new products. ¬†Really¬†intrigued by the Water Foundation and the limited-edition¬†eyeshadow palette.

It’s Oscar weekend – do you usually watch? ¬†I honestly find the Oscars the most boring out of all the award shows, and I just watch it for the red carpet. ¬†Looking forward to seeing all the dresses!

Lastly this dog is fashion goals.  #amazing

Have a great weekend!


Valentine’s Day Essentials

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2016

So what are everyone’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day? ¬†People seem to¬†have some very strong feelings about it. ¬†Like they hate it because it’s a highly commercialized, Hallmark¬†holiday and technically you should be showing your loved ones how much you care about them,¬†more than once a year. ¬†I can understand that. ¬†And then there’s those that love it and go all out and get the flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinner, teddy bears, etc. ¬†I get that too because it’s kind of fun.

Personally I’m a little indifferent to it. ¬†D and I have been together for a long time and there’s been years where we buy¬†each other expensive gifts and go for an expensive meal and others where we do absolutely nothing. ¬†I tend to like something that’s somewhere in between. ¬†This year I think we’re going to keep it simple and just go for a nice meal on Friday or Saturday, instead of Sunday, so we can avoid the crowds, higher prices and fixed menus. ¬†And we’ll probably skip the gifts this year.

Despite that, I thought I’d put together a collection of my favourite Valentine’s Day things, in case you needed some inspiration for the big Day:

  1. Grower Direct Vibrant Dreams Arrangement: ¬†I love getting flowers any time of year, and I don’t depend on D to buy them for me – I’ll happily buy them for myself! ¬†I love this¬†arrangement¬†– classic V-day colours but a little more understated than a dozen red roses.
  2. ¬†Pier One Pink Champagne Ombre Filled Candle: Could there be a more perfect Valentine’s Day candle? ¬†With notes of grapefruit, citrus and strawberry you really can’t go wrong (not to mention the beautiful ombre jar). ¬†Plus let’s be honest, real champagne is over-rated.
  3. Nova 7 Benjamin Bridge Wine: Wine wouldn’t be my drink of choice‚Ķunless it’s this one. ¬†This is my favourite wine ever – it’s sweet, sparkling but not at all dry. ¬†And it’s from Nova Scotia! ¬†#whoknew
  4. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick (Firebird): No better day to break out a bright and bold fuchsia or red lip!
  5. Purdy’s Cinnamon Hearts: ¬†Whenever I see these hit the stores, I am instantly reminded of my childhood dog (RIP Twinkle) who ate an entire bowl of these in one sitting. ¬†She was¬†home alone and we had left a bowl on the end table. ¬†We came home and they were gone. ¬†Still makes me giggle to think about it.
  6. Kate Spade ‘One in a Million’ Initial Pendant Necklace: Okay I know I have a bit of a Kate Spade problem but I’ve been eyeing these for years. ¬†I think they’d make a really great gift, especially for V-Day!
  7. Cookies by George Junior Cookie Box: Have you ever had a Cookies by George cookie? ¬†If not, you’re missing out (highly recommend the M&M ones)! ¬†These little boxes make great gifts for anyone and they deliver all throughout Canada and the US!
  8. Remy Olivier Cast Iron Fondue Set: If you’re planning on hanging out at home, may I suggest a fondue party for 2? ¬†We fondued on NYE and it was really fun (and delicious!) and it was nice to do something a little different!
  9. Tokoyo Milk Tainted Love No. 62:  I have a mini bottle of this from a set I bought on Black Friday from Sephora and I think it makes a great V-day fragrance Рwarm, a little mysterious and a little musky.
  10. PS, I Love You: ¬†I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched this movie, nor read the book. ¬†It’s a tear-jerker, comedy and romance all mixed into one. ¬†If you’re looking for something along those lines to read, I’d recommend this (it’s usually on tv at least once a weekend as well ūüėČ )
  11. Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brew Kit: I hate buying D presents, he’s always disappointed in whatever I get him. ¬†He’s definitely not into the sappy gift thing so beer is a safe bet, even if he does have to make it himself.
  12. Ricki’s Heart Intarsia Pullover: I’m a bit of a geek and like to wear holiday-themed things, whether it be jewelry or clothing on holidays. ¬†I like that I could wear this sweater¬†after Valentine’s Day as well.
  13. Purdy’s Peanut Butter Hearts:¬†Valentine’s Day 101: Chocolate. ¬†Add peanut butter and you’re golden.
  14. OPI’s Hello Kitty Collection Nail Polishes (Small + Cute = ‚̧ &¬†Charmmy & Sugar): ¬†I picked up a few of these polishes from the Hello Kitty collection a few weeks ago and these two are my favourite and couldn’t be more perfect for Valentine’s Day. ¬†I like using Charmmy & Sugar for an accent nail.

Thanks for reading!


January Loves & Letdowns

January 2016 Monthly Favourites

Woo hoo it’s finally February! ¬†And with that comes another month of Loves & Letdowns. ¬†First off I’d like to rid January good riddance – what a crappy month that was. ¬†I had pink eye and a virus for two weeks straight and I just finally started wearing contact lenses last week. ¬†It’s been a long month and I’m glad to see it go!

Now on to my loves and one, lonely letdown for the first month of 2016:


e.l.f contour palette

e.l.f Contour Palette: I picked this up back in September at the e.l.f store in New York and I hadn’t really used it that much since then as it was buried in the back of one of my drawers. ¬†I re-discovered it early in January and realized how good it actually is. ¬†I still find the bronzer shade a little orange but¬†I use it a light hand and it’s¬†wearable. ¬†But I’ve really grown to love the contour shade, highlighter and yellow-toned “banana” powder to set my concealer. ¬†While they are a little powdery, they blend easily and are just pigmented enough for my fair skin.

Buxom Full & Fabulous Mascara: Buxom and Bare Minerals were really having a moment with me this month. ¬†This was the mascara I chose to use while my eyes were healing and I can’t say I was disappointed with this. ¬†It gave my lashes some serious definition, separation and length. ¬†The formula is a good balance between wet and dry, which is perfect if you like to build your mascara (which I do). ¬†That said, I’d say you can only apply about 3 full coats before you’re just wasting product because it’s not making any kind of a difference. ¬†So I would have preferred for it to add a little more volume and thickness but sometimes¬†I can get a bit carried away in that area. ¬†I also appreciate the fact that this didn’t flake or smudge throughout the day and I loved how long the brush was – it made it really easy to get those little lashes in the corners of my eyes.

Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: This was a birthday gift and I was able to use it a few times in December¬†before my eyes got infected. ¬†I just started using it again last week because I definitely did not want to risk contaminating this. ¬†It is a beautiful palette! ¬†I can’t get over how soft and blendable the shadows are and I love the cocoa scent.


Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow Top Shelf

Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 (Top Shelf): As mentioned above, when I was dealing with my eye infection the last thing I wanted to do was contaminate my eye makeup. ¬†SO I dug through my makeup collection and pulled out this eyeshadow duo and figured I would use it (and only it!) until my eyes improved. ¬†I didn’t expect much from it but I’m happy to report that this little palette blew me away! Each¬†shadow¬†is¬†super buttery and soft and pretty darn pigmented, particularly the¬†gold/bronze shade. ¬†And they have some serious lasting power! ¬†These were still going strong by the end of my 12 hour day – no creasing or fading at all! The only drawback I did notice was that there was definitely some fallout from these which was a little annoying (you can see how messy it gets in the picture above). ¬†But ultimately it’s convinced me that I need to try some additional Bare Minerals shadows because I think they’re hidden gems!
Buxom Full On Lipstick Brooklyn); Full-On Lip Polish Sophia

Buxom Full On Lipstick (Brooklyn) / Full-On Lip Polish (Sophia): I received each of these in separate gift sets late last year but only started using the two of them together in January. ¬†I love the formula of each of these – the lipstick is super moisturizing, very pigmented and the polish is super glossy, tingly and not sticky. ¬†I wasn’t super crazy about the shades on their own – Brooklyn is a brownish/pink and Sophia is a very sheer pink. ¬†But together they’re fabulous! ¬†These are just small sample sizes but I’ve made a significant dent in both of them as I’ve basically been wearing these the entire month.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: I already raved about this in my 2015 Favorites so I won’t repeat myself except to say that I’m still using this and I’m still loving it. ¬†Totally buying the full size of this once I run out.

St Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion (Citrus & Vitamin C): I’ve had this for a while but have only started using in regularly the last month or so. ¬†I really wanted to try out one of these aerosol spray lotions and I’m really glad I did!¬† I like the ease in which I can apply this – I can spray with one hand and rub it in with the other. ¬†I also really like how lightweight the actual lotion is. ¬†If I’m being honest I hate thick lotions that take forever to sink in, especially in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. ¬†This absorbs quickly but still keeps me moisturized throughout the day. ¬†And it smells really bright and fresh!

Marc Jacobs DOT Fragrance: Normally I wouldn’t include a little fragrance sample in my favourites but this was a pleasant surprise! ¬†This was a small little spritzer but I was able to ration it out over 5 days because this is a POTENT perfume. ¬†Which in my mind is great, I hate fragrances that wear off throughout the day. ¬†The scent is described as one containing red berries, dragonfruit, and honeysuckle and notes of jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom. ¬†Ultimately its sweet, fruity and a little musky which is totally my preference when it comes to perfumes.

Hot Tools Hot¬†Styler 1 1/2″ Thermal Hot Brush: I’m not going to say too much about this because I want to do a full review of it later on but I LOVE this tool! ¬†It literally takes me half the time to round brush my hair with this as it does with a regular round brush. ¬†And it leaves my hair much smoother. ¬†Bonus – it’s currently on sale!

The Mindy Project:¬†I started watching this at the beginning of this month and I’ve been hooked ever since. ¬†I love finding shows that truly make me LOL because that’s rare (maybe I have high standards?) – I hate cheesy humour. ¬†The Mindy Project isn’t free from the odd cheesy moment, but the majority of it is filled with inappropriate, non-politically correct humour. ¬†Totally gained a new respect for Mindy Kailing through this as well; I used to watch the Office and while she had some funny moments, it pales in comparison to her performance here. ¬†I may see glimpses of myself in her at times as well – not sure if that’s a good thing but it makes me laugh and I love it!


Tom Ford Black Orchid: My second perfume sample that made it into this post¬†but this one didn’t fare so well. ¬†It’s my lonely letdown for the month. ¬†This may be the most overpowering, heavy perfume I’ve ever tried and I hated it. ¬†It’s super musky and warm and sweet. I really didn’t like it as soon as I applied it, but I gave it a chance to sit on my skin for a bit to see if it would change once mixed with my skin. ¬†It didn’t, it just got stronger and more potent. ¬†Not a fan!

What products did you enjoy (and not enjoy!) this month?  Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!


This & That Fridays – January 29


Happy Friday! ¬†I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend. ¬†I had the day off today which was nice – I did some shopping and continued my quest for the perfect dress pants for work. ¬†Why can’t anyone make straight legged, petite dress pants in colours other than black? ¬†Oh and you know, ones that actually fit a regular person and don’t have like a Mom jean rise or have legs so skinny that I can’t stuff my calves into them. ¬†Grrr!

I purchased this brush holder from HomeSense last weekend and I’m so happy with it. ¬†It fits ALL of my brushes (note: I wouldn’t say I have an extensive collection by any means but a reasonable one) and I still have tonnes of room left to fill it up. ¬†It honestly bothers me that they put a bottle of perfume in one of the compartments in the picture on Amazon though‚Ķ NO. ¬†Just no.

Did you see the story about the sloth who was clinging for his life to a guardrail on a freeway in Equador. ¬†The thing is adorable‚Ķbut those claws. ¬†I feel like it could snuggle up to me and rip my face off in one fail swoop. ¬†Glad he’s okay though!

An interesting read on the prospective Top 2016 Beauty Trends…not sure I can get behind rainbow eyebrows.

For all my fellow introverts Рespecially #23!  #worstnightmare

I received an email from Express this week advertising their new bodysuits. ¬†Again, NO. ¬†Then I was in a Calvin Klein store yesterday and they had the shirts where there was a cutout in the shoulders (apparently the official name is “cold shoulder shirts” – like this)¬† I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 90′s and I’m back in junior high. ¬†Ugh. ¬†I feel like this is a sign of getting old, when you start complaining about fashion trends from years past that are making a comeback and you’re against them. #cringing

And that’s all I have for this week‚Ķwishing you a great weekend!


This & That Fridays – January 22


Finally, another week done! ¬†I swear, January is the worst month of the year. ¬†It’s cold, dreary and you’re broke from Christmas. ¬†The good thing is there’s only one more week left in the month and then we’re on to February!

I had the WORST experience @ Sephora last weekend…and I’m holding a bit of a grudge. ¬†It related to me returning the Foreo Toothbrush my husband bought me for Christmas. ¬†When he bought it for me they had to pull a barcode off of their website because there was nothing on the box‚Ķand they used the barcode for a blue toothbrush instead of the purple one he bought me. ¬†Fast forward to me trying to return it – there’s no barcode on the box AND the item on the receipt is a different colour than what I’m returning. ¬†So I could understand why this looks suspicious. ¬†However, the girl at the register made me feel like I had stolen something or was trying to scam them (I’ll spare you her exact comments). ¬†After fighting with the sales clerk forever and receiving several suspicious looks from her, she finally agreed to return it. ¬†Except I didn’t have the VISA used to pay for it on me. ¬†So they wouldn’t return it and now I have to go back this weekend and likely go through this all again.¬†I couldn’t believe how rude and accusatory the sales clerk was though – she totally ruined my day. ¬†And it definitely made me question my loyalty to Sephora.

I wish we had Kohl’s here in Canada because I would love to shop Lauren Conrad’s new Minnie Mouse Fashion Line. ¬†So cute and girly!

I think I might give Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Red Pepper Pasta a go this Sunday. ¬†I’ve heard nothing but delicious reviews about it and it seems really simple!

I’m contemplating signing Maggie up for Paw Pack or a Bowzer Box – has anyone tried either? ¬†I subscribed to a 6 month¬†Bark Box subscription using a Groupon in the summer and it’s been kind of meh. ¬†I’d like to try a Canadian one!

This Drake themed gift guide is hilarious and awesome. ¬†Huge Drake fan here. ¬†He’s my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.

I rediscovered NailPolish Canada thanks to StashMatters this week (#enabler)! ¬†I had previously placed orders with them and was always very impressed with their service. ¬†¬†I had no idea they now carry cosmetics, including brands that can be difficult to find in stores here such as e.l.f., Real Techniques and The Balm. ¬†I’m putting together a shopping list as we speak.

Wishing you a great weekend!


My 2016 Goals

My 2016 Goals

We are well into 2016 but I thought it’s still relevant to share my goals for the year. ¬†I already feel a bit behind on these because being sick for the first 3 weeks of the year kind of threw a wrench into things! ¬†I rarely set deadlines for my goals – I just like to make sure I’ve made some progress on them by the end of the year.

Anyway, on to what I plan to work on this year:

TRY NEW THINGS. Every year I like to try at least one new thing – and if I try more than, bonus! ¬†So far I’ve decided I’d like to take a barre fitness class (there’s a studio a few blocks from my house) and a graphic design class.

Last year I tried curling – D and I joined a team and while it was fun, we didn’t sign up again this year. ¬†It was way harder than I thought it would be and we¬†sucked at it. ¬†So I don’t think curling is going to be my thing but I’m glad I tried it out! ¬†I also started my blog, which thankfully, I was more successful at.

ONLY BUY WHAT I LOVE: I’m a bit of a shopaholic and I love a good deal – which has resulted in me buying things that I really don’t¬†like and never use. ¬†About halfway through last year, I was going through my closet and finding a lot of things I had only worn once or not at all;¬†I decided then and there that I needed to be more mindful of my purchases. ¬†I think I did okay last year, but it’s something I want to improve on even more this year. ¬†One question I like to ask myself is, “If I don’t buy this,¬†will I still be thinking about this a week from now?” and “Do I really LOVE this?”. ¬†The last one is really important – if I don’t love it, it’s not coming home with me.

BEING PRESENT.¬† This is definitely something I need to improve on. ¬†I’m guilty of doing multiple things at once and I end up doing none of them well. ¬†Obviously there’s times where multi-tasking is required – but sitting down at dinner isn’t one of them. ¬†I need to learn to put my phone/iPad/laptop away more often and just enjoy watching a movie, having a conversation or playing with Maggie. ¬†This is going to be a hard habit to break but I’m determined to make some progress on it this year.

GET ORGANIZED.¬†I’m dreading this one because it’s going to be A LOT of work but I know I’ll be relieved once it’s done. ¬†We moved 2 years ago but we still have a bunch of stuff that wasn’t unpacked/organized properly after we moved. ¬†It’s taking up a lot of space in our basement, so my goal this year is to get it all organized – whether it be given away, thrown away or designated its own place. ¬†It just needs to be dealt with and I refuse to push it forward another year!

BETTER MY BLOG.¬†¬†As I mentioned above, I’m really enjoying blogging so I want to focus some effort on improving Classic Maggie this year. ¬†Right off the bat, one of the first things I’m working on is a new header (one that isn’t blurry!). ¬†I also want to ensure I stick as close as I can to a consistent posting schedule – I know how important this is but it’s so easy to let this slide! ¬†Lastly, I also want to improve my photography! ¬†As the year goes on I expect there will be other improvements as well but I’ll start with those 3.

And those are my goals for 2016 Рwhat are yours?  Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!


This & That Fridays – January 15


Happy Friday! ¬†I hope you had a great week. ¬†Mine was….long. ¬†I was off sick last week and the week before that I was off/working from home so this was the first full week I’ve worked in a little under a month. ¬†On top of that, I’m still not feeling great – this flu/virus/whatever it is, really likes me and doesn’t want to leave. ¬†It’s starting to get really frustrating so I’m hoping that by next week I’m back to normal.

Have you seen OPI‘s new Hello Kitty collection? ¬†I’m not a Hello Kitty fan myself but I will be hunting these down! ¬†I definitely want Look at My Bow, Spoken from the Heart, and¬†Charmmy & Sugar¬†and Small + Cute = ‚̧. ¬†Lots of pinks and surprisingly I don’t own many pink polishes. ¬†These is the perfect Valentine’s Day collection!

Did¬†you heard about the EOS lip balm controversy? ¬†Someone filed a class action lawsuit against the company claiming their lip balms caused such bad irritation around her lips that she required medical attention. ¬†Normally I’d roll my eyes when I see something like this because it just comes across as a cash grab. ¬†But I’ve actually had a similar (albeit lesser) reaction to their lip balms. ¬†However I just stopped using them and it went away….not sure why this wasn’t an option here. ¬†And if I were to sue a company every time I had an allergic reaction to one of their products – let’s just say I’d be pretty rich. ¬†Or in debt up to my ears in legal fees.

I’ve recently discovered my new favourite design tool for my blog – Canva! ¬†I’m using it to design a new header, because¬†I used PicMonkey to design my current one and it’s always been blurry, no matter if I size it to the proper specifications or not. ¬†There’s so much you can do with Canva that is completely free – and you can pay for the extras as you go (if you want them). ¬†I still really like PicMonkey for photo editing but I’m excited to see what I can do with Canva!

Who was your best dressed at the Golden Globes? ¬†I’ll be honest, I rarely watch the actual award shows and lately, not even the Red Carpet Shows (I find the questions so stupid, pointless and awkward) so I keep an eye on sites like People and US to see what everyone is wearing. ¬†I think my favourite overall was Amy Adams.

I made the Fox & She’s Get Better Chicken Noodle Soup recipe last weekend and it was really good. ¬†I made a few modifications: I added 3 cloves of garlic, omitted the onion (I thought I had one in the house and I didn’t) and topped it with freshly shaved Parmesan Reggiano. ¬†Oh I and I just used up a rotisserie chicken that we had for dinner the night before (which worked really well!). ¬†I’m kind of soup-ed out for the time being, but next up I’d like to try making an Italian Wedding Soup.

Alright well after a wild and crazy Friday night, I’m headed to bed early and I couldn’t be more excited about it. ¬†Have a great weekend!