Sick Day Survival Kit

So I’ve been dealing with a head cold this week and I’ve been miserable.  I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a bear when I get sick and nothing makes me crankier than having a cold.  Aches, pains, chills, fever, sneezing, running nose, watery eyes.  Ugh.  Needless to say it’s been a long week.  The minute I get sick I usually head to the drugstore to pick up a few essentials to get me through it:

First off, Ombra Spa Aromatic Foam Bath in Eucalyptus (it must be Eucalyptus).  I’m a bath lover at the best of times, but when I’m sick, nothing feels better than soaking my aching limbs in a hot bubble bath.  The eucalyptus in this really helps clear my sinuses too.

Secondly, Nyquil Cold & Flu.  I always take a dose of this about a 1/2 hour before I head to bed and it usually knocks me out cold.  Sleep is obviously super important in kicking the cold to the curb but I often either a) can’t breathe because I’m so stuffed up or b) can’t get my nose to stop running.  This helps!

Thirdly, good old Vaseline!  I usually rub my nose raw wiping it with Kleenex, so I keep a tub of this next to my bed and apply it on and around my nose regularly.  Helps avoid a dry and peeling nose.

Other essentials: thick and super soft tissues (any with lotion work really well), Sucrets cough drops (numb throat = bliss!),  and of course the basics: peppermint tea with honey, chicken soup and lots of liquids!

Lastly, soft cozy pi’s are a must!  Love these from Victoria Secret:

Mayfair PJ’s

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Maggie ❤

Weekend recap!

I don’t know about you, but I find Monday’s really tough.  I’m sure you do too, because they just suck.  Seriously, does anyone like Mondays?  No.  No one does.

I wanted to insert an ecard in this space, but because it’s MONDAY I can’t get it to work.  So here’s a link: Mondays!

I thought it might be kind of fun to recap my weekend on Mondays?  My thought process: If I start my Mondays off by thinking about all the good things that happened on the weekend, I feel like it could make my Mondays better?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  I’ll try it.

Okay so this weekend was a long weekend for most of us here in Canada (Good Friday is a statutory holiday).  Long weekends are always that much better than a regular 2 day weekend – 3 days of sleeping in – woot!

Generally, Easter weekend = food in our home.  I cooked a small turkey on Friday and used this recipe: Perfect Roast Turkey – Ina Garten (Food Network).  It’s the second time I’ve used it and I think it’ll be my go-to turkey recipe from now on.  All the butter makes the turkey moist and juicy and the fresh herbs, garlic and onion stuffed inside gives it a really nice flavor.  Fairly simple to do as well!  One modification – I don’t melt the butter and brush it on the bird; I soften the butter in the microwave, add the lemon juice and herbs and rub it on and under the skin.


Easter also means candy!  Probably chocolate for most people but I’m partial to candy.  Every year I look forward to these easter bunny jube jubes.  My husband says they taste like soap but given that I basically ate most of what was in the bowl above (which I now regret as my pants are tight), apparently I disagree.

Lastly I spent a lot of time on the couch this weekend, mostly watching True Detective.  I’ve heard good things about this series so, as the weather was kind of crappy outside, we felt no guilt in hunkering down and binge watching the first season.  It stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and it’s a crime/mystery type series.  It’s kind of dark  and disturbing and I found it hard to follow at first but I was quickly sucked in, and before I knew it, we had watched all 8 episodes.  It sounds like every season will be completely different from the last so I can’t wait for season 2!  The fact that Taylor Kitsch (swoon!) and Rachel McAdams will be staring  in it have absolutely everything nothing to do with that!

Wishing you a great week!
Maggie ❤

First post…here I go!

Welcome to ClassicMaggie!  Lately I’ve been feeling a need to do something new and creative and I’m thinking that starting a blog might meet both of those needs pretty well!  When I was younger I always thought I’d be a writer and that didn’t happen.  But I always remembered how much I enjoyed it and I wanted to get back to it somehow.  So here I am!

All in all, I view ClassicMaggie as being a lifestyles blog but I’m going to start out slowly and ease myself into it.   I have a TON of ideas but I tend to get overly excited/eager (especially when something is new) and want to do everything all at once.   So to curb that, I thought I’d start by sharing my great finds and product reviews.  I LOVE shopping (who doesn’t?…oh yah my husband!) however it’s really hard for me to pay full price for things!  Bargain hunting is in my blood (thanks Mom!) but, as much as I love to do that I have discovered that sometimes you do get what you pay for.  I love finding products that are awesome and budget friendly, but I have also found some more expensive products that are more than worth the extra change!  One thing I typically tend to do before purchasing anything is to take a peek online and see if there’s any reviews to read.  Sometimes they determine if I make a purchase and sometimes not, but at the end of the day I always appreciate hearing others opinions so why not throw my own in the mix too?

So that’s the plan!  Please keep in mind, I’m new to this and learning but I appreciate your patience and your feedback!


Maggie ❤