New Blog Name Reveal….


Hi guys!

I haven’t been on here much lately, and that’s because I’ve been working furiously away at my blog.  Originally I was just going to change the name of it, but after doing some research, I figured it made a lot of sense to make the leap over to self hosting!   That involved a lot more work, particularly because I took it upon myself to transfer it myself as I wanted to understand the process…a  bit of a risky move for me to take seeing as I don’t have much knowledge of anything IT-related!  I hit a few small snags but overall it was way easier than expected! #winning

Moving to self-hosted also required me to chose a new theme and design a new header and that took me way longer than expected!  I’m still working through making it look exactly the way I want it, but I suspect that will be a constant work in progress.

So, without further adieu, it’s time to share my new blog name and domain…….drumroll please…..


I spent a long time trying to find the “perfect” name for my blog; is this perfect?  I’m not sure, but I wanted something that would describe exactly what my blog is about – mostly beauty with some lifestyle posts thrown in and of course, something that paid ode to the reason I started blogging in the first place – my dog Maggie.  I really wanted to keep Maggie in there but I couldn’t figure out a way of doing so without confusing people into thinking Maggie was my name. 🙂

Note that I will be doing a site redirect tonight so this will be my last post on Classic Maggie – all future posts will show up at; in addition, I’ve already edited my social media accounts over to my new name (@prettyrufflife on all accounts)!

I can’t wait to get blogging again – I have a huge backlog of posts, including our Summer Road Trip, my Ulta haul and most important – a celebratory giveaway!

Lastly, I’d like thank each and every one of my subscribers, I so appreciate your follows, likes, comments and interaction not only on my blog but on social media.  I love being apart of such a fantastic community!

See you at!


Father’s Day Gift Guide (Last Minute!)


Father's Day Gift Guide

You guys, Father’s Day is THIS Sunday?  Are you prepared?  Did you get your Dad a fantastic gift?  If you didn’t and need to,  I’ve got a few last minute gift ideas for you:

  1. Rocky Mountain Soap Men’s Stuff Gift Set – $38.25 CAD: Because Rocky Mountain Soap products are natural and toxin free!
  2. Fossil 65mm Wraparound Gradient Sunglasses – $70 CAD: Because Fossil makes the best sunglasses and there’s no better time to gift sunglasses than the present!
  3. Cufflinks Inc. Iron Man Cufflinks – $69.50 CAD: Because how cool are Ironman cufflinks?
  4. The Tie Bar Dot Silk Tie & Cotton Pocket Square Style Box – $40.37 CAD: Because a tie is a classic Father’s Day gift – bonus that this one comes with a matching pocket square!
  5. HS Soda Pop Crew Socks – Sale! $10 CAD:  Because fun and funky socks are such a fun way to add some personality to a dull suit.
  6. Titlelist Personalized Pro V1 Double Digit Golf Balls – $62.99: Because my Dad is golf lover and how neat would it be to present him with an entire box of personalized golfballs with his initials on them?
  7. Corkcicle Wine Chiller – SALE! $20.99: Because who wants to wait around for wine to chill?
  8. Picnic Time Fiero BBQ Tool Set –  Because it’s BBQ season!
  9. Home Studio Dream Hammock ChairSale! $449 CAD: Because…okay, this is expensive but OMG does this not look like the most amazing chair ever?  If you have a big budget or lots of siblings I feel like this would be the best Father’s Day present ever!
  10. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye – price varies ($35 – $45 CAD): Because if your Dad likes rye/whisky, this is apparently one of the best (my husband and Dad agree).  It’s not easy to find so if you see some, scoop it up!  Bonus points for it being Canadian!
  11. Godiva 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Almonds: Because you can’t go wrong with chocolate and Godiva is some of the best out there!
  12. NESPRESSO Nespresso VertuoLine Black – SALE! $187.49 CAD: Because how convenient is this if Dad’s a coffee drinker?  I don’t drink coffee but if I did I’d be all over one of these!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

FURKID by Paws & Play – March Box

Paws & Play - March Box

Today I’m reviewing and sharing our unboxing of the March FURKID by Paws & Play box.  This is the second box we’ve received as part of our 3 month subscription.  You can read our review on our February box here.

Paws & Play is a Canadian monthly subscription box for your Furkid; each month you receive a variety of high-quality products for your pet and you can personalize your box based on your pets preferences (i.e. strong chewer, soft or crunchy treats, gender, etc.).

This month’s “box” actually came in a bag due to the size of the items included.  Like last month, they included a product card that lists everything included and their respective prices.  This value of the box this month was $65.75.

classic maggie (16)

On the flip side of the card they always feature a rescue pet and his/her story.  This month’s coverboy is a kitty by the name of Luxx. 🙂

classic maggie (15)














The first item we pulled out of the box was this Chuckit! Max Glow Medium Ball.  Maggie will play fetch for about 2 minutes so she’s not really into balls.  However we usually keep one out in the backyard for when she has the urge so this will be good for that.  Or if we decided to play fletch at night I guess!

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Next – another toy, this time an Indoor Tumbler by the same brand (Chuckit!).  I honestly didn’t think she’d be too interested in this as it’s pretty big and bulky but I threw it around the backyard for her and she played with it for quite a while!

Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler














Here she is playing up a storm:

classic maggie (19)

They also included a footed bowl; these are always handy to have on hand and I liked the colour of this, plus it’s pretty sturdy.  Maggie wasn’t so interested in this though ;):

Buddy's LIne Fusion Dog Bowl on Legs


On to something Maggie was more interested in – a snack bar.  This is from the brand Spike and contained chicken meal and sweet potato.  This actually smelled pretty good when I opened it (I didn’t test it out, I swear):

Spike Snack Bar for Dogs

Maggie seemed to enjoy it (please excuse the grass stuck in her fur!):

classic maggie (22)

I swear if any human ate like she did (all obnoxious with their mouth wide open), I’d be beyond annoyed:

classic maggie (23)

But with her, it’s just cute.  🙂

classic maggie (27)

Lastly, they included a large box of DIGZ French Pup Macarons:

DIGZ French Pup Macarons

On top was a  little card that described how and what they make the macarons with:

classic maggie (25)

And finally, the macarons themselves:
classic maggie (26)

These are basically like sandwich cookies with a crunchy cookie on the top and bottom and some kind of filing in the middle.  While I think these would be devoured by literally any other dog on the planet, Maggie is a bit picky and isn’t too fond of hard cookies.  She appears to have a hard time chewing hard treats or food so I usually have to break them up into small pieces for her.  I did this for her with these but these are REALLY hard and it took quite a bit for me to break it up.  I also specified in our profile that we only wanted to receive soft treats so I’m a little confused as to why they sent us these.  So we’ll probably forward these on to one of our doggie friends.

And that was what made up our March Paws & Play Box!  Overall I was pretty satisfied with the box, aside from the macarons.  Next month is going to be the last box as part of our 3 month subscription and then we’ll need to evaluate if we continue on month by month, sign up for another 3 month subscription or try another pet subscription box.

Thanks for stopping by!


This & That Fridays – April 1


Happy April Fools Day!  Did you prank anyone today or did you get pranked?  I remembered what day it was so I wasn’t fooled by anything.  Here’s a list of the Best April Fool’s Pranks of 2016 – almost all of them are hilarious (i.e. Cornhub? Wigs for Cats? Bahaha!)

Okay so I tried watching Full House a few weeks ago and I just can’t do it.  It’s so cheesy, I couldn’t stand it.  I think the fake audience laughter makes it worse.  Not for me.

Um Kate Spade has a YOGA collection now?  Not sure I could justify over $100 for a tank though…

This is making me crave an Orange Julius…curious if this tastes at all similar to the real thing.

So I recently placed on online order with Express.  I bought a dress and 2 pairs of pants and all 3 were on sale and for whatever reason I stupidly assumed that the prices were in Canadian dollars.  I saw the charge on my credit card and I paid an extra $50 because of exchange and an international processing fee.  THIS is why I don’t shop online at non-Canadian companies!  Grrrr!

I don’t know why, but I’m having such a hard time doing my liquid eyeliner lately, and this meme sums up what every morning has been like for me:

So basically I’m accepting any and all tips on applying liquid eyeliner like a normal person and not be a panda.

I made the best homemade salad dressing this week!  I’m trying to eat healthier, which for me is a bit of a challenge.  I hate vegetables – they always taste bitter to me.  But I can usually stomach a salad so I took a recipe I found online and modified it a bit and it’s delicious – I almost look forward to my salad for dinner. #almost  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Have a great weekend!


This & That Fridays – March 25


Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend!

So yesterday was my one year blogiversary!  I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for an entire year now; I’ve learned so much and feel like I’ve come so far since my very first post (yikes, some of my photography makes me cringe looking back at it).  Anyway I hope to do a giveaway sometime within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I’m not a fan of Deviled Eggs but these are seriously adorable!

Has anyone tried the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara?  I keep seeing/reading all these reviews on how amazing it is but also that it flakes…why, why, why is it so hard to make a volumizing mascara that doesn’t flake?  I might try it anyway.

I picked up this sundress @ Express last weekend, of course for full price and now it’s on sale.  Love the print and these are so comfy for the warmer summer months ahead.

Totally getting Maggie this Bunny Ear Hoodie for Easter….can’t handle the cute!

Time for some Kate Spade love: these earrings would match my watch; I need these sunglasses; coveting this colourful bangle; and I want this polka-dot phone case.

Have a great weekend!


Spruce Up Your Space for Spring!


Spruce Up Your Space for Spring 2016

So I like to consider my blog to be a beauty AND lifestyle blog – but somehow I never seem to get many lifestyle posts up. The beauty stuff always sucks me in!  So I’m going to make a concious effort to split my focus a little more equally between the two.

Spring is here (despite what it may or may not look like outside) and I couldn’t be happier about it!  I love all the fresh and bright colours that come with Spring and Summer and I always like to incorporate a few new items into my home to celebrate the new season, and to keep my space looking fresh and modern.

Unfortunately my house is a bit of a construction zone right now and it’s not conducive to decorating.  I’m hoping things should be wrapped up within the next few weeks, after which I’m going to dive head first into decorating, room by room.  I hope to share my plans and progress on my blog so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, to feed my decorating urge, I’ve decided to put a little post together to share the types of things you can add into your own personal space to liven things up a bit. None of these are crazy expensive (in fact, the majority of them are on sale!) and you don’t need to incorporate all of them to make your space feel lighter and brighter – even just one or two should do the trick!

OUTSIDE  1. A cheerful doormat to greet guests; 2. Pretty glass patio lights (perfect for decks or patio umbrellas); 3. A colourful home for our fine feathered friends.

KITCHEN  4. A modern take on the fruit bowl (for all the delicious fruit soon to be available!); 5. Fun tea towels to add a pop of colour; 6. Adorable Bunny tumblers (Easter themed but too cute not to be used all year-round!); 7. Sunset- inspired Ombre placemats to brighten up your kitchen table.

LIVING/FAMILY ROOM  8. A faux-but-realistic-looking succulent arrangement;  9. Bring some of the outdoors indoors with some Floral wall decor (I wonder if you could spray paint these?); 10. A lightweight but super-soft clamshell print throw (for cool, rainy days); 11. A lovely little tealight holder; 12.  This Birds on a branch sculpture would make a fun centerpiece on a coffee table; 13. Leave messages or keep track of a grocery list on this chalkboard marquee sign; 14. Fill up a pretty vase and add a hint of fragrance with this Pineapple Basil potpourri; 15. Add some Vibrant throw pillows as one of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to transform a room!

Note – I’ve selected all of these items from two of my favourite home decor stores – Pier One and Urban Barn.  Another one of my favourite places to shop for home things is Homesense and Winners!  They always have a great selection and even better prices.  If only they had a website you could purchase from…

What types of things do you do to spruce up your space for Spring/Summer?  Let me know what you’re doing below!

Thanks for reading!


This & That Fridays – March 11


Ugh it’s been a week! TGIF!

Has anyone tried the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream?  I’m thinking of giving it a try and it seems that people either absolutely love it out right hate it.  So torn.

Have you seen the sneak peaks of the new Too Faced Sweet Peach palette?  I want it for the packaging and peach scent alone.

Oh Marc Jacobs, you always suck me in with your beautifully designed purses.  At first I wasn’t sure about the canvas cross-body strap but I think I like it – it’s something a little different.  That colour is just amazing too.

I think we’re going to BBQ this weekend, the weather here has been unbelievable.  I saw Crocuses blooming yesterday!!! CROCUSES!! In March.  If I seem unreasonably excited about that it’s because flowers don’t usually bloom here until May.

I’m super annoyed because I thought the next Sephora VIB Sale was in March, turns out its not til April. I have so many things I want to buy but I don’t want to pay full price for them because I’m cheap.  Guess I’m sucking it up til April #firstworldproblems

DYK that Fossil offers personalized embossing on a selection of their leather goods?  What a cool gift idea!

Looking for a recipe for Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs?  Here you go! (seems like too much work for me, I’ll just buy one from the store, eat half of it, and throw the other half away when it I realize I’ve forgotten how unbelievably sweet they are).

Have a great weekend!


FURKID by Paws & Play – February Box

Furkid by Paws & Play February 2016 Box

Today I’ve got a review of our very first FURKID by Paws & Play subscription box!  Back in January I decided I wanted to sign my pooch Maggie (more about her HERE) up for a pet box and I took my time researching options.  We previously had 6 month subscription to BarkBox and it was okay but I couldn’t justify continuing it given the current exchange rate.  When researching, my first criteria was to find a subscription that would charge in Canadian funds; I also wanted to be able to customize my box – Maggie can be picky about treats and toys so I wanted to ensure that we would be getting things we actually used.

I ended up choosing the FURKID box because they met both of the criteria I mentioned above, and more.  As per their website, they curate their boxes with products that, :  “…use fresh organic fruit and vegetables, free range meat products and the freshest human grade ingredients.”   In addition they focus on “…buying goods from companies that do not conduct or commission cruelty on farm animals and participate in responsible sourcing and environmental sustainability.”  I strive to buy Maggie the best food and treats that I can and always appreciate when products are cruelty-free and produced with the environment in mind.

The first thing I did was go and create a profile for Maggie via their website; it took me through a series of questions about her/my preferences that included (our choices are italicized):

Size: XS (2-12 lbs), Small (12-25 lbs), Medium (25-50 lbs), Large (50-100 lbs), Giant (over 100 lbs) or Cat)

Chew Style: Gentle or Heavy Chewer

Soft or Crunchy Treats: Soft Treats, Crunchy Treats or Both Soft & Crunchy

Gender: Neutured or Spayed

Allergies: No Allergies, No Chicken, No Beef, No Grain or Gluten or No Nuts

Term: Month to Month ($39.95 CAD/month), 3 Month Prepay ($109.95 CAD; $36.65 CAD/box), 6 Month Prepay ($209.05 CAD; $34.99 CAD/box), 12 Month Prepay ($395.95 CAD; $32.99 CAD/box))

Bonus: I found a 25% discount code on their Facebook page which was definitely helpful in reducing the cost!

Here’s what the box looked like when it arrived:

Furkid by Paws & Play February 2016 Box

Once opened there was a card on top that showcases a subscribers’ pet (how cute is Tonto?) and their story.  The other side lists the products included in the box.  The front of the card was cute but I felt like they could do a bit better job on the product listing by including additional details on the products included in the box (description, price, where to buy, etc.)


FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

(Please excuse the shadows in this pic)

All the items were wrapped in blue tissue paper with a paw print sticker to hold it together, like so:


Maggie was very anxious to stick her nose in there and sniff everything out:


Quick shot of what was inside:


First up was this All Natural Buffalo Chew by Silver Spur Natural Pet Treats that retails for $2.59 CAD  These things always gross me out but Maggie loves them so I treat her to them once and a while.  When she was younger she used to sit down and eat one in one sitting….then she decided it was better to hide them around the house.  Now she’s back to eating them again.  I unwrapped this for her and she made herself comfortable on the stairs and chowed down.  So that was a win.

Silver Spur Natural Pet Treats All Natural Buffalo Chew


Next, was a DIGZ Artisan Beef Chip Dog Cookie, which retails for $3.95 CAD.  I wasn’t crazy about this at first because I thought it was a hard cookie and I had specifically chosen to receive soft cookies only.  Then I realized it actually was soft; I broke her off a few pieces and she gulped it down right away.


Then a bag of Pet Naturals Motion Ade MSM Chews, retailing for $18.95 CAD.  At first I thought these were motion-sickness chews for dogs. When I finally found the description of what they were, I discovered they are supplement chews that support joint comfort, circulation, and mobility and healthy ligaments and tendons.  Mags had one and this was her eating it (no compalints):

Pet Naturals Motion Ade MSM Chews


The last food item was this Wildcatch Alaska Wild-caught Smoked Salmon Fillet, which retails for $10.99.  Maggie goes nuts for anything fishy so I know she’s going to love this.  This is meant to act as a food topper; love that its 100% human grade ingredients.

Wildcatch Alaska Wild-Caught Salmon Fillet

The last item was a toy – a squeaky Kong Dyno Stegosaurus which had a crazy price tag of $20.95 CAD.  Kong makes good quality toys and this guy is pretty cute – he squeaks and crinkles so Maggie was happy with it (for about a minute after which she was distracted by a sound outside).  I would never pay $20 for a toy though.

Kong Dynos Stegasaurus

And that was everything!  Overall I think we were pretty happy with the box – Maggie will eat all the treats included and she’ll have fun playing with the toy.  And I was happy because it had a total value of $57.43 CAD.  We’re looking forward to receiving our March box!

Thanks for reading!


This & That Fridays – March 4


Happy first Friday in March!  Can you believe we’re almost 1/4 of the way through 2016?  Unreal!

So much good information for us bloggers in this post by Jillian Harris – love her blog!

What are you up to this weekend?  One thing we’ll be doing is binge watching the newest season of House of Cards on Netflix.  It’s a great series!

Did you have any favourite Oscar gowns this year?  Mine was Naomi Watts by a landslide.  I wouldn’t have been able to stop staring at my dress if I were her.  So gorgeous.

Have you seen Foreo’s newest innovation?  It’s called the Iris Illuminating Eye Massager and it’s meant to rid your eyes of signs of aging and fatigue.  Interesting concept…I’d definitely want to see some proof of the longer term benefits before I’d consider it.

I’m contemplating hopping on the FitBit train this weekend.  I feel like people either love or hate them – thoughts?  I really like the look of the Alta but who knows how long it will take until it’s available in Canada.  My concern is that I’ve heard bad things about their wrist bands – maybe I should consider other brands too?  Totally should have done a What Should I Buy post on this!

I can’t handle how cute this is! #hipsterdog

Have a great weekend!


First Impression: L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Review

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive my very first Voxbox courtesy of Influenster*!  This Voxbox was themed around L’Oreal’s new Hair Expertise line that offers a variety of products that cater to a number of hair problems/issues; I received the Total Repair 5 line which is meant for Damaged Hair.  Included in my box was the Total Repair 5 Shampoo, Conditioner and Anti-Split Ends Cica Creme.

The Total Repair line is formulated with Cicamide, which is an ingredient I have never heard of before.  I googled it and couldn’t really find much about it.  Regardless, L’Oreal claims that cicamide helps strengthens the fibre and helps restore hair’s surface.  It also touts five benefits of repair: strength, density, vitality, shine and silkiness and states that use after use, hair is repaired from root to tip.

Initially I was unsure if this was really a line my hair could benefit from as I don’t really consider my hair to be damaged.  Then I saw the little tip in the magazine stating that if you use heat tools every day, this line is for you.  Check!  I heat style daily, whether it be with a blow dryer, a curling iron or my hot brush.   I also colour my hair (highlights and lowlights) every 8 weeks; right now my hair is a darker blonde but in the summer I tend to go lighter and I find that is when my hair feels a little more “fried”.  Surprisingly, I feel like I put my hair through a lot and it’s pretty resistant.  However, I definitely have split ends and I do find that I lose my hair quite a bit (it’s always all over the bathroom floor, stuck to the back of my sweaters/coats, etc.  Drives my husband crazy.)  So I may very well be in denial about my hair being damaged.  Despite that, I feel like my hair is in the best shape it’s been in for years, partly because I’ve found some great products that work well with my hair type!

So far I’ve used the entire system once and below are my thoughts:

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Review


From daily brushing or styling, hair can become fine, fragile, dull or rough with split ends.  Help repair 5 signs of damaged hair without weighing it down.

I found the shampoo to be thick and luxurious feeling; it lathered well and had a fairly potent but pleasant scent (hard to describe – I find L’Oreal shampoos all have a very similar scent – kind of perfumey?)  I did shampoo twice as I always do with any shampoo (I wash my hair every 3 days and I find it necessary to wash it twice to get rid of the build-up and really get my hair clean).

The conditioner was thick as well – it was really rich and creamy. I could feel the moisture in it as I worked it through my hair.  Note that because my hair is fine, I focus first on the ends and sparingly use what is left over on my roots.  I left it in for approximately 1-2 minutes and then rinsed it out.

Once I’m out of the shower, I usually let my hair dry for a bit while wrapped up in a towel, and then I comb through it with a wide toothed comb.  Typically this is a bit of a struggle as my hair tangles easily; I did notice it didn’t seem quite as tangled as normal and it was a little easier to comb through.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Review


Light leave-in creme with CICAMIDE instantly penetrates the hair fibre for targeted repair.  Helps reduce breakage and split ends.  Application after application, CICA CREME provides cumulative protection against wear and tear.  

After combing out my hair, I applied a few pumps and distributed through my hair, focusing on the ends as directed.  This is a cream product with a slightly thin consistency.  It appeared to absorb nicely into my hair, without feeling greasy or leaving behind any residue.  It had the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner.

I then added my usual products to my hair (volumizing mousse and a thermal styling spray); I thought it was only fair to use this in conjunction with my normal hair routine.  As I was blow drying my hair, I noticed my hair felt silky and smoother than normal, but it also felt like it had a bit of a  film on it.  That wasn’t much of a surprise to me – anytime I use a product that is heavy and rich, it kind of clings to my hair rather than be absorbed by it.   I then curled my hair using my curling iron and went about my day.

When I got home after work that same day I noticed that the back half of my hair had fallen a bit flat and my hair felt a little heavier than usual.  When I woke up the next morning, my hair was greasier and oilier than usual, although my dry shampoo took care of that problem pretty quickly.  By Day 3 however, my hair noticeably more greasy and oily than, and my dry shampoo really wasn’t cutting it.  My hair was pretty limp and lifeless and felt really weighed down.  I was really happy to wash it the following day.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Review

Overall, I could see this shampoo working wonders for damaged to severely damaged hair.  I personally don’t feel like my hair is in either of those categories right now so I just found it a bit too much for me.  In addition, I don’t see this as a shampoo that I could use everyday or every time I wash my hair – it’s a bit too heavy and rich.  I’ve decided that I’m going to use these as deep conditioning treatments and pull them out once a month to help keep my hair in good shape.  As this is not its intended use, I’m not certain it’s going to work as well as it should however.

I did like the Anti-Split End Cicamide Creme and will keep that close by to apply to my ends before I pull out my hot brush/curling iron on Days 2 and 3.  I like having a product to smooth and moisturize my ends on the days in between washing as they tend to look a little dry and frizzy.  Plus I feel it will help protect my ends from the heat sources as well.

So would I purchase this on my own?  At this point I’m not sold on it as I think it’s just too heavy of a product to work for my hair.  But I feel like I need to give it a bit more use before I can make a definitive decision on it.

Have you tried any products within L’Oreal’s Hair Expertise line?  What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading!


*Note: These products were sent to me for review purposes only.  I did not receive any compensation in return for my review and all thoughts are my own.