This & That Fridays- February 19


Happy, happy Friday!

I need to give Winners some love on my here because I stopped in on my lunch hour today and picked up Essie’s Starry Starry Night for $5.99!  You read that right – $5.99!!!  So excited, can’t wait to try it out!

I strolled through Hudson’s Bay on my walk back and I was mesmerized by this beautiful bottle of Missoni perfume.  I have no idea if it smells any good at all, I just want it for the bottle.

Buzzfeed is usually good for a laugh once and a while and this article cracked me up.  I can’t decide who wins – Mindy Kailing, January Jones, or Joe Maganiello?  #awkardness

February has been unseasonably warm here – which gets me thinking about Spring…and then Spring clothes…and things like this skirt, this top, and these shoes.  I wear colour all year round but when Spring comes I just want to ditch black and gray.

I need this so I can watch Youtube videos in the bathtub without worrying about dropping my in the tub!  Brilliant!

Update – I made Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stroganoff last weekend and it was just meh.  I added extra spices to it and it still had no flavor.  Boo.  Wouldn’t recommend it.

Have a fantastic weekend!


This & That Fridays – February 12


It’s Friday again and it’s a long weekend here (and I think for most of Canada too, correct me if I’m wrong) and there’s nothing better than a long weekend!  Aside from dinner tonight, we have nothing big planned which is fine with me!  I plan on getting caught up on my blogging, doing some cleaning and organizing and maybe some cooking/baking.  What are you getting up to over the weekend?

Wouldn’t it be great if Kanye West just dropped off the face of the earth?  I don’t think there’s anyone in the world that’s more arrogant, self-absorbed, and obnoxious than he is.  I was going to say I don’t know how Kim stands him but let’s be honest, she’s not far off.  My apologies if you are a fan of either.  #sorrynotsorry

I think I’ve decided against the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani blush palette.  But I’ve heard really good things about this Too Faced one.  It’s cheaper too!

This Beef Stroganoff recipe looks divine!

These are weird and crazy expensive, but I also kind of want one done of Maggie.  We are having work done on our house right now and as a result she’s been spending the weekdays at my parents place.  I miss her like crazy, the house feels so empty without her around.  I’m not sure why I feel that having a two hundred dollar stuffed version of her would help with that.

Sam Edelman makes my absolute favorites flats and when I saw these Iridescent ones, I almost died.  So pretty. They’ll be mine soon.  Waiting for a sale.

That’s all I have for this week.  Have a great weekend!


This & That Fridays – February 5

Yay it’s the weekend!  And it’s Superbowl weekend which = FOOD!  I’m trying to decide what I should make for Superbowl – there’s always so many options.  I definitely want a dip – (have I ever confessed my love affair with dips?  If I could just eat dips for the rest of my life I’d be VERY happy.  Probably very large too but whatever).   I might try a queso dip out this year – this one claims it’s the World’s Best so with claims like that, how could I not give it a go?  Plus it only has two ingredients although I can NEVER find Rotel here in Canada.  #canadianproblems

Did you see the Heinz Superbowl commercial – omg!  WEINER DOGS!  The ears!  The little legs!  So cute!

I’m in love with this swingy trench coat from Anthropologie.  I want it!

I need some organization inspiration.  I’m trying to figure out how to keep our bills/receipts/mail/other miscellaneous paper things clean and neat so we’re not stuffing them in our junk drawer to the point where you can’t get the drawer open because it’s so stuffed.  AND what do you do with your charging cords for phones/Ipads, etc.?  We have them on a little bar area across from our kitchen but I hate how cluttered it looks.  I’m going to be scouring Pinterest & Houzz this weekend for ideas.

Have you seen the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette?  I’m really tempted to get it because it looks so pretty – but do I actually need a blush palette?  For $60?  I wish they sold them individually.  I’m so torn about Firebird as well – the colour looks glorious but I suck at applying intense lip colours (discovered that today – got to work with my fuchsia lipstick all over my face!)

I signed Maggie up for a 3 month subscription to FURKID by Paws & Play box and we should be getting our first box by the end of the month.  I went with this subscription service because I liked how they allowed me to customize the box based on the size of my dog, her chewing tendencies, gender and her treat preferences.  Also its a Canadian company so no dealing with pesky exchange rates!  Maggie (aka me) is eagerly anticipating receiving her first one and I think I’m going to do a post on it so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!  GO DENVER! 🙂


This & That Fridays – January 29


Happy Friday!  I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend.  I had the day off today which was nice – I did some shopping and continued my quest for the perfect dress pants for work.  Why can’t anyone make straight legged, petite dress pants in colours other than black?  Oh and you know, ones that actually fit a regular person and don’t have like a Mom jean rise or have legs so skinny that I can’t stuff my calves into them.  Grrr!

I purchased this brush holder from HomeSense last weekend and I’m so happy with it.  It fits ALL of my brushes (note: I wouldn’t say I have an extensive collection by any means but a reasonable one) and I still have tonnes of room left to fill it up.  It honestly bothers me that they put a bottle of perfume in one of the compartments in the picture on Amazon though… NO.  Just no.

Did you see the story about the sloth who was clinging for his life to a guardrail on a freeway in Equador.  The thing is adorable…but those claws.  I feel like it could snuggle up to me and rip my face off in one fail swoop.  Glad he’s okay though!

An interesting read on the prospective Top 2016 Beauty Trends…not sure I can get behind rainbow eyebrows.

For all my fellow introverts – especially #23!  #worstnightmare

I received an email from Express this week advertising their new bodysuits.  Again, NO.  Then I was in a Calvin Klein store yesterday and they had the shirts where there was a cutout in the shoulders (apparently the official name is “cold shoulder shirts” – like this)  I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 90′s and I’m back in junior high.  Ugh.  I feel like this is a sign of getting old, when you start complaining about fashion trends from years past that are making a comeback and you’re against them. #cringing

And that’s all I have for this week…wishing you a great weekend!


What I Got for Christmas & My Birthday (2015)!

Christmas and Birthday Gifts 2015

Christmas & New Years seems like it was forever ago but because I was sick after Christmas, I didn’t have a chance to share what I received, so I thought better late than never! My birthday is on New Years Eve, so I’m combining both sets of gifts into one post. I was pretty much spoiled this year by everyone so I’m very thankful to everyone for gifting me such wonderful things!

Receiving perfume, in the words of Buddy the Elf, is my favourite!  I love trying and discovering new types and changing up what I wear on a daily basis – so I like having lots of options.  Which is probably why I received these 3 bottles for Christmas!Britney Spears Fantasy PerfumeFantasy – Britney Spears:This is one of my favourite perfumes so I was very happy to receive another bottle of this.  Yes, it’s Britney Spears but I’ve worn this for years and it smells sooo good!  And the bottle is really pretty too.
Guess Seductive PerfumeSeductive – Guess: My MIL gave me this and it’s not one I would have picked up on my own, but it’s a nice addition to my collection.  I really like the classic design of the bottle.
Viktor & Rolf BonBon PerfumeBonBon – Viktor & Rolf: Okay, first can we talk about this glorious packaging?  It’s a BOW.  As if that isn’t enough on its own, it also included a special edition rhinestone encrusted bow around the top.  Not only is the bottle itself gorgeous, the perfume is beautiful too – it smells sweet and slightly fruit, with a slight hint of muskiness.  This was a gift from my parents and it’s essentially me in perfume form.

Foreo ISSA Mini Toothbrush

Foreo ISSA Toothbrush: D bought me this and before I opened it, he told me that it was a last-minute gift and I can return it and he didn’t know why he bought it?  I didn’t really know what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and discovered this toothbrush.  I had seen these in Sephora before and thought they looked cool but gawked at the price tag. Unfortunatley the reviews I’ve read on this aren’t that great…so I might return this.  I haven’t used it yet so that’s still an option.  Still deciding.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Lavender Bath Salts, Vanilla & Ginger Bubble Bath (no longer available), Vanilla Mint Soap, Root Beer Lip Butter: I’m a HUGE bath person so I really enjoy receiving bath products.  I’ve used Rocky Mountain Soap’s products before so I’m familiar with several of these.  I’ve been using the Bubble Bath for a week now and I like it – it foams up nicely and it smells pleasantly of ginger ale (unfortunately it’s limited edition).  The Bath Salts are heavily lavender scented which I personally don’t mind – I like using these before bed.  The lip balm smells exactly like a glass of root beer which is right up my alley; I haven’t tried the soap yet but I’ve placed it near my bathtub and will soon.

Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette:  My parents gave me this for my birthday which was fantastic because I’ve been coveting this for a while.  I’ve only had a chance to use it twice since I received it (due to my pink eye) but so far, I’ve been really impressed.  The shadows are very pigmented, super buttery and blend so easily.  And they smell amazing!  Full review to follow.

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick (no longer available online; not pictured): I can’t believe I forgot to include this in the picture above because I adore this lipstick!  The colour is gorgeous, the formula is beautiful (silky smooth) and it has convinced me that I need more Bite Beauty lip products in my life.  Although it’s no longer online, the last time I was in Sephora I still saw a few of these left near the checkouts so snatch this up if you can as it’s (sadly) limited edition!

Sephora Look Color in the Eye Brush Capsule

Sephora Look Color in the Eye Brush Capsule: My mom included this in my stocking and I think this is a great gift for any beauty-lover.  This is perfect little set to throw in your travel bag or purse; plus they come in great colours.

Precious Moments Snowman Snow Globe

Precious Moments Snowman Snow Globe: Despite having Rubbermaid bins on top of Rubbermaid bins of Christmas decor, one thing I did not have was a snow globe.  I’ve been looking for a nice one for a while, and my parents surprised me with this Precious Moments one for Christmas. Sometimes the figurines in snow globes can look kind of cheap so I like how carefully crafted this is.  It also plays music – the song being “Vivaldi’s Winter.”  Definitely one of my favourite Christmas gifts.

Kate Spade New York Cornelia Pave Bezel Watch

Kate Spade New York Cornelia Pave Bezel Watch: This was a birthday gift from D but I knew I was getting it.  I’ve been eyeing this watch for months and when we were in New York in the Fall it was on sale at Macy’s for a really good price.  So he bought it for me and stored it away for my birthday.  Honestly, I can’t stop staring at this when I wear it – it’s just so pretty and sparkly!  One thing I didn’t notice until today is that the back is engraved with “In a New York Minute” – if I didn’t associate this with our New York trip before, I most definitely will now.  ❤

Swarovski Megan Pendant

Swarovski Megan Pendant: Another gift from D, this time for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure about this when I first opened it because it seemed a little large for my liking but I wore it on Christmas Day and received lots of compliments.  I think it’ll be a great special occasion necklace, which is something that I actually don’t have a lot of.

I also received gift cards to Sephora and the mall which are burning a hole in my pocket!  I really want to go blow them all this weekend but I’m trying to be more mindful of my purchases this year and make sure I’m buying things I REALLY want and love.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

What did you get for Christmas?  Let me know below!

Have a beautiful day!

This & That Fridays – December 18


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these, which is sad because I had a good long stretch of doing them almost every week.  New Years Resolution: Stick to a consistent blogging schedule.

Can you believe it’s an exactly one week ’til Christmas?  I’ve got a jam packed weekend filled with wrapping presents, baking and getting the house ready to host Christmas Eve & Christmas Day dinner.  I’m determined to get some extra sleep in there too because I’m so friggin tired.

Tonight is going to be all about relaxing though!  The plan is to order pizza and watch Christmas movies.  Potential options include Home Alone, National Lampoons, and/or The Polar Express.  Any other suggestions?

Update to my Christmas Baking Menu post – the 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cups are AMAZING!  So simple and they taste, dare I say, the closest I’ve had to a real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  I’m going to make some more this weekend and swap the milk chocolate with semi-sweet.  I have some I need to use up and I find the milk chocolate is tad bit sweet.  We’ll see how that works out.

I’m dying to watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s new movie, Sisters.  Looks hilarious!  I still need to see the Hunger Games too.

I used my $25 Sephora Coupon to purchase the MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation and I gotta say I’m liking it!  I had to return the Too Faced Born This Way foundation I purchased back in November as it was making me breakout.  This hasn’t caused any breakouts thus far and I think I like it better as it’s not as oily.  I’ll do a full review on it in the New Year.

Okay do you wear cuffed/rolled-up jeans with booties?  I do it but I feel like I look awkward.  Yet I see other people doing it and it looks great. The struggle is real.  I like this reference guide for cuffing your jeans.

Lastly, a story that warmed my heart and demonstrates what Christmas should really be about. ❤

Have a wonderful weekend!

First Impressions: Winter 2015 Luxe Box


I received my Winter Luxe Box a few weeks ago and I’m finally getting around to doing a first impressions on it.  This is my second box I’ve received since I subscribed back in the (late) Summer.  I received the Fall box and I was pretty happy with it – it had a good variety of products and I found it had a good value.  I also really like the fact that it’s delivered once a quarter instead of every month.  You can find more about Luxe Box on their website here.

So, on to my box!

IMG_9324 Face Shop Character mask (Moisturizing) – $4 CAD

I haven’t tried this yet but I can’t wait to – how hilarious does this look?  I’ve never tried anything from The Face Shop either so I’m looking forward to giving something of theirs a try.  I still find sheet masks a little weird and sometimes off-putting but my skin could use some extra moisture now that the weather has become colder and drier.

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen – $19 USDIMG_9339

I was pretty happy to see a full-size liquid liner pen included as I use liquid liner quite a bit and calligraphy/felt tip types are my favourite.  I’ve used this a couple of times and I’m pretty impressed with it.  It lasts all day, doesn’t smudge or flake goes on smoothly and is fairly pigmented.  The problem is I’m not sure I see myself ordering this for $19 USD; exchange sucks right now and I have a few drugstore versions that work just as well for less.

Teez Trends Read My Lips Lipsticks – $22 USD


IMG_9338I’ve never heard of this brand before but I love its unique and colourful packaging!  This is another full-sized product which is always great to receive!

The shade is a deep red with a tiny hint of berry.  It’s very pigmented and I was quite impressed with its smooth texture.  I’ve worn it once and given that it claims to be long-wearing I fully expected it to dry out my lips.  But it’s surprisingly moisturizing!  I’m not sure I see myself paying close to $30 CAD for it but I need to try it out a bit more to see if it lives up to its high price tag.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – $12 USDIMG_9343

When I saw the collection of Benefit products in my box I was pretty excited!  Benefit isn’t a brand I haven’t tried a lot of and I’d like to try more.  The exception being this mascara.  I tried it years ago and I wasn’t a fan of it; it didn’t do much to my lashes.  I prefer volume over length though because my lashes are naturally quite long.  Despite that I’ll give this another try and see if it maybe works better for me this time.

Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Primer – $10 USD


As mentioned above, when I tried the They’re Real! Mascara a while back I wasn’t impressed with it.  But I’m intrigued by this lash primer!  This can be worn alone for a more natural look or worn underneath mascara; it claims to increase length, lift and separation.  I also like that this is water-resistant.  I’m looking forward to giving this a go!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – $16 CAD


I’ve heard such good things about this mascara and I’ve been dying to try it but not willing to fork over the money for it.  So I was stoked to see this included!  My lashes don’t hold curl easily or well so I’m anxious to see if this actually does what it says it will!

Benefit They’re Real! Remover – $18 USD (for 50 ml)IMG_9347



This eye makeup remover sample was a little disappointing to me – the foil pack is quite small.  I would have thought they’d be able to include a small tube with a cap at least. I hate receiving foil packs like this because it’s really hard to get a good idea if it’s a good product or not when its only enough for one use.   I would have preferred to receive a sample of the They’re Real! Push Up Eyeliner instead.  I’ll stop whining now but I’ll perhaps throw this in my travel stash and use it for an overnight trip.

And that wraps up the Winter Luxe Box.  Overall I was pretty happy with this box, aside from small sample of the makeup remover.  There isn’t anything in here that I’m super disappointed with (except maybe the eye makeup remover) or don’t see myself using or at least trying out once.  So I plan on keeping my subscription for another quarter minimum!

Did you get a Luxe box this quarter?  If so, what did you receive?

Thanks for reading!

Thinking of Paris…



I had a usual This & That Friday post drafted but it all felt so insignificant after what happened in Paris today.  My heart goes out to France.  I’m horrified by what occurred there and I can’t get it out of my mind.  All those innocent people, just like us – out having dinner or a drink after work, enjoying a concert or a soccer game.  Not knowing it would be their last.  I honestly feel sick just thinking about it.  Hug your loved ones extra tight tonight. ❤


Sephora Haul!


This past weekend was the VIB Rouge 20% sale and last week, I put together a wish/shopping list post (read it here).  I added things to the list that I’d been wanting for a while, full well knowing that I wasn’t likely to buy everything I wanted (given the small issue of not having unlimited funds).  Also, usually by the time I get in store and have the time to compare and look at products in greater detail, I decide they’re not for me/talk myself out of them/change my mind, etc.

This time I feel like I stuck fairly close to my shopping list, with a few exceptions.  So without further ado, here’s my haul:

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Dim Light) – $22 CAD


I fully intended on picking up Diffused Light given its claims to counteract redness.  Unfortunately, it was sold out. So I looked through the other shades they had available, noticed the travel size of Dim Light and figured that was the next best option.  As mentioned previously, I love samples and travel/trial size products because it’s the best way to try new products for (typically) a lower cost.

Dim Light is defined as a “A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.” To be honest, when I swatched this, I wasn’t overly impressed.  It does appear to very finely milled and exceptionally soft but there is just the slightest hint of shimmer.  I didn’t see how this was going to be any different than any other finishing powder I’ve tried and I was expecting more shimmer or glow.  But I bought it anyway.

FullSizeRender-6I’ve used it twice and thankfully, my initial opinion has changed.  This is the only finishing powder I’ve tried that doesn’t emphasize or stick in my pores.  Hallelujah!  Also, note that if you’re looking for intense highlight, this isn’t going to satisfy that need.  Instead, it gives you a natural, glow from within look that I just love.  So far, I’m really enjoying this!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Porcelain) – $39 CAD


I had full intentions of visiting Sephora early last week to pick up a couple of foundation samples before committing to a full-size purchase.  That didn’t happen.  Instead, I read a bunch of reviews online on this and the MUFE HD Foundation and ended up going with the Too Faced version.  Both had similar reviews but this one had been on my list for longer so it won.


So I’ve used this twice and so far….I’m not impressed with its staying power.  The colour match is pretty much a perfect match to my skin but after about 5 hours of wear,  I had very little of it left behind.  I’m going to experiment with a variety of primers and powders and I hope I can find something that makes it stick around a little longer  Stay tuned!

Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette – $50 CAD


The amount of time I spent trying to decide which eyeshadow palette I wanted was a little embarrassing.  I had given myself quite a few (aka too many) options including the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, and Tarte’s Showstopper Palette, plus Buxom’s Dolly’s Wild Side  My thought process on choosing Buxom sounded like this: First stop – Kat Von D; decided I didn’t want just matte shades.  Up next the Chocolate Bar Palette – pretty colours but more shimmery/glittery shades then I realized.  Third stop – the Showstopper Palette.  Decided I wasn’t crazy about the blush or highlighter.  That left me with Buxom.  Originally I wanted Dolly’s Wild Side palette, mainly because of the shade Wild Nights.  I looked at that palette and noticed there were only 2 matte shades in it – so I decided to make my own.  This all seems very logical now, but I spent a lot of time going back and forth between all 4 brands to get to that point. Yah, I’m a bit indecisive.  Anyway, in the end, I picked the following:


From left to right:Silk Sheets (Chai Luster) ; Feather Boa (Matte Pastel Pink); Lingerie Lover (Matte Mauve)Spoiled Sexy (Matte Deep Mauve)Haute Couture (Metallic Java)Wild Nights (Shimmering Sugar Plum)

You’ll notice that this doesn’t look too different from the Dolly palette, and that’s because I used 4 of the shades included in that, in my custom palette.  In place of Champagne Buzz (shimmering pearl) and Mink Magnet (metallic bronze), I used Haute Couture and Feather Boa.

Wild Nights is so gorgeous and quite pigmented.  I wouldn’t consider the other shades to be intensely pigmented but they have a decent colour payoff and are buttery and smooth to apply.  Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase and I love the fact that I can purchase refills for it!  It was fun customizing my own palette too!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – $30 CAD

Better Than Mascara

I’m not going to go into too much detail about this because I’ve done a review on it and stated how much I love the little sample size I received with the Too Faced Most Loved Set.  I’ve already used this a few times and nothing has changed, the full-size is still as fantastic!  The only thing I was surprised about was how heavy the tube is – it’s got some serious weight!  I think because the tube is made out of metal.  So maybe not the best option for traveling.  However this is easily the best mascara I’ve tried all year.

Bare Minerals Skin Rever-Upper – $26 CAD


Again, no need to get into too many details about this, I’ve done a review on it here.  This is my favorite lightweight daily moisturizer.  I just used up a bottle of it so this was a re-purchase.  For whatever reason on they say this product is not available in Canada but I purchased this in store?  I have a bad feeling that this is being discontinued which I’m hoping is not the case!

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Sheet Mask – $6 CAD


Sheet masks have grown on me and I couldn’t help but look through the selection of them while I was waiting in the checkout line.  This one sounds a little gross but I was also intrigued by it as well.  I read some of the reviews on Sephora’s website and the consensus seems to be that people either love it or hate it so I’ll be sure to do a review on it once I’ve used it!

Marc Jacobs Decadence Rollerball – $28 CAD


The more I wear this fragrance, the more I love it.  It’s only been two days and I can’t stop smelling myself.  It’s just the perfect fall/winter scent and it lasts!  One of my biggest pet peeves is paying a lot of money for perfume, using it and not being able to smell it. Not as in having a cloud of fragrance around you when you walk by, but as in, getting little whiffs of it throughout the day.  Also, I loved the packaging on this – its hard to see in the picture but the little box was covered in soft green velvet!  The full size of this is going on my Christmas list!


Buxom Objects of Obsession (500 points)


I was obviously on a Buxom kick that day and when I saw this set on display, I couldn’t help myself.  The set includes:

Mascara Bar Big & Bushy in Show-Off Black (0.16 oz)
Hold The Line™ Waterproof Eyeliner in I’ll Be Waiting (0.02 oz)
Full-On™ Lip Cream in Kir Royale (0.07 oz)
Full-On™ Lip Polish in Sophia (0.07 oz)


So far I’ve only tried the Lip Cream and I wasn’t sure about it at first – application can be a little patchy.  But once I applied a second coat, the patchiness went away.  I love the shade – it’s kind of a light cranberry colour and its perfect for fall.  It smells like vanilla but leaves a cooling/tingly sension on your lips.  It is slightly tacky and because it’s a fairly thick gloss, it won’t survive through eating or drinking.  But it does leave a bit of stain behind on your lips which was kind of nice!  I’m looking forward to trying the pink shade (although it does look a little sheer)!  The eyeliner is a silvery/gun-metal gray and I own nothing like it so I’m excited to use that  And I’m a mascara connoisseur so I’m intrigued by it as well (although that may be one of the worst product names I’ve ever heard).  Overall, pretty impressed with this kit!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intense Hydration (100 points)


I kind of feel like I may be losing my mind.  Did FAB not used to have an ultra repair cream just for hands? I swore they did but maybe not.  Regardless, this used to be my favourite hand cream for the winter months as I often suffer from severely dry hands and excema on top of that.  This used to be the only thing that helped.  I feel like this has a thinner consistency since the last time I used this but it still seemed to work  I’ve only used it once so I will report back once I’ve gone through the tube entirely.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Trio in Kir Royal (250 points)


I actually picked up this limited edition set a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d might as well throw it in here.  This is a 3 piece set that includes:

Mini Luminous Crème Lipstick in Kir Royale
Mini Lush Fruit Lipgloss in Kir Royale
Signature Bite compact mirror


Is it weird that I now own two lip products with the same yet not that common name (Kir Royale)?  I thought it was.  Anyway, I’ve worn the lipstick once and while the colour is super opaque and intense, it’s so creamy that it very easy slipped outside of my lip line.  You need a lipliner with this.

On the other hand the lip gloss is gorgeous – super pigmented and creamy and an absolutely gorgeous bright raspberry shade.  I’ve used Bite’s lip glosses before and always been impressed with them, and this was no exception.

The little compact mirror was a bit of a disappointment – it looks like a button pin without the pin.  I suppose its small and light so easy to throw in your purse but I didn’t feel it was anything special.  However, I didn’t get the set for the mirror, so no biggie!

2015 VIB Rouge Renewal Gift


Congratulations to me!  I qualified for VIB Rouge for 2016!  Is that something to be proud of – I’m not sure.  Either way, I received a gift for it.  Inside this little box was an exclusive shade of Marc Jacobs lipstick:


I’ve never tried anything by Marc Jacobs so receiving this was exciting – plus while the red looks more warm/orange I was happy see that it swatched more cool/pink which will work great with my skin tone.  If I’m being honest though, I feel like VIB Rouge members should get a full-size product or at least more than one product as a reward for qualifying.   It takes quite a bit of purchases to make it to VIB Rouge and in general I don’t the benefits between VIB and Rouge to be that different.  Last year I know they sent me a survey asking about my thoughts on their rewards program so I hope they do the same this year so I can give them my feedback.

And that’s all folks! Well, not quite.  I did pick up a few gift sets that I’m not going to post on here just in case the intended recipient happens to visit my blog.  All in all, it was fun picking out everything.  After I’ve used these products a little longer I will be sure to post updated reviews on all of them.

If you shopped at the Sephora sale this past weekend, let me know what you picked up!  And as always, thanks for reading!