This & That Fridays – December 18


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these, which is sad because I had a good long stretch of doing them almost every week.  New Years Resolution: Stick to a consistent blogging schedule.

Can you believe it’s an exactly one week ’til Christmas?  I’ve got a jam packed weekend filled with wrapping presents, baking and getting the house ready to host Christmas Eve & Christmas Day dinner.  I’m determined to get some extra sleep in there too because I’m so friggin tired.

Tonight is going to be all about relaxing though!  The plan is to order pizza and watch Christmas movies.  Potential options include Home Alone, National Lampoons, and/or The Polar Express.  Any other suggestions?

Update to my Christmas Baking Menu post – the 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cups are AMAZING!  So simple and they taste, dare I say, the closest I’ve had to a real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  I’m going to make some more this weekend and swap the milk chocolate with semi-sweet.  I have some I need to use up and I find the milk chocolate is tad bit sweet.  We’ll see how that works out.

I’m dying to watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s new movie, Sisters.  Looks hilarious!  I still need to see the Hunger Games too.

I used my $25 Sephora Coupon to purchase the MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation and I gotta say I’m liking it!  I had to return the Too Faced Born This Way foundation I purchased back in November as it was making me breakout.  This hasn’t caused any breakouts thus far and I think I like it better as it’s not as oily.  I’ll do a full review on it in the New Year.

Okay do you wear cuffed/rolled-up jeans with booties?  I do it but I feel like I look awkward.  Yet I see other people doing it and it looks great. The struggle is real.  I like this reference guide for cuffing your jeans.

Lastly, a story that warmed my heart and demonstrates what Christmas should really be about. ❤

Have a wonderful weekend!

2 Replies to “This & That Fridays – December 18”

  1. Oooh maybe even I can make the 3 ingredient PB cups!
    Glad you like the MUFE HD foundation – looking forward to a review.
    I don’t cuff my jeans but maybe I should!
    I’ll be wrapping presents this weekend too…

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    1. Seriously I think you could make them! I made some more today and recommend sifting your icing sugar before adding it to the peanut butter and then mixing them together with your hands (basically impossible with a spoon!). I just can’t believe how good they are for such little effort and ingredients!


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